We are getting sicker and more stressed. Many people suffer from the effects of electromagnetic radiation - EMR, and experience exhaustion and hyper-sensitivities. Immediate solutions are called for to maintain life-supporting environments.

EMR is everywhere, especially since the rise of wireless communication and smart technologies. It is no longer possible to escape or shield from it. We are all exposed to electro-smog - one likely contributor to the rise in stress levels and chronic health conditions.

Luckily there are solutions that neutralise the effect of EMR. For electro-sensitive people, these can mean being able to live normally in a world that made them sick. For the rest of us, they help build resilience and support physical and mental function. They strengthen life force and make electromagnetic technology biocompatible and safer. 

While the long term effects of EMR are not known, I have personally tested and can recommend following solutions. They can offer some protection to the ubiquitous wifi in schools - especially needed for children, workplaces, public transport and even the ill effects from electric wiring at home or work. 

Please note, the first thing to always do, is to try to reduce EMR exposure.


Floww EMF Protection

The Floww approach is akin to Aikido. It does not ‘fight’ radiation but transforms harmful EMR into biologically friendly fields, including the natural frequencies of the Earth and brain. Resonance with these body-friendly harmonics promotes vitality and a sense of wellbeing and eases electro-hypersensitivity symptoms.


Mobile Floww

   To transform harmful radiation from a mobile phone.


Personal Floww Small

   Personal protection for women & children under 12.


Personal Floww Medium

   Personal protection for men and boys over 12 years.


Home Floww

   Full Home protection from all fields. Range 1000m3.


There is also an Office Floww, offering protection from all high and low frequency fields. Range 3000m3.


Here is some research re the effect of Floww on blood vitality.