Case Study – Office Feng Shui

An example of how office renovations can make or break a business – of how business trouble could have been averted with an initial Feng Shui consultation.

How sudden loss of business could have been avoided with a Feng Shui consultation:

The Story of an Advertising Agency

The manager of an advertising agency called me after they had moved into a bigger space a few floors up in the same building.

Since the move, their business had turned sour suddenly, with loss of contracts, lay-off of staff and financial uncertainty. ‘Luck’ seemingly had turned against them. They also felt their new space to be heavy and not as radiant as the previous one; personal relationships were under stress.

In their previous space, the business had been doing extremely well, winning awards and making good profits. Spirits had been high. In order to accommodate the called for expansion they had moved to this bigger space.

The energy at the entrance of this new office was different from the old one, because of its larger size. This was the main cause of this upset. However, the bulk of the negative influences could have been avoided with right interior layout and decor.

Here is what happened in detail:

The Feng Shui analysis of the old, successful space revealed that the predominant energy at the entry was one of creativity and achievement. It had suited their type of business perfectly and had accommodated their success.

The analysis of the new space, however, revealed the predominant energy there to be indicative of loss of money and financial disaster, as well as conflict between people. This sadly matched their experience.

Further, the placement of office partitions and the colour schemes used aggravated the underlying problem significantly. The situation was made worse by extensive use of pinks, orange and purples in the reception area.

Although this new space was not ideal, with a different placement of partitions it could have been able to pick up more positive energy. It could have been decorated to diminish the negative potential and activate positive influences. However, they had by then spent large sums doing up this new place ‘wrongly’.

A Feng Shui analysis before their extensive renovations could have avoided such a nightmare.

Feng Shui recommendations would have involved relocating workstations, putting key people in areas conducive to business and creativity, and relocating storage spaces to the duller areas, – principles had they inadvertently violated. It would have involved very different colour schemes in order to weaken the negative and strengthen the positive potentialities.

Sadly, the company had just spent a fortune on renovations and baulked at another change. Placement of elemental cures somewhat alleviated this unfortunate, but avoidable situation.

This is a classic case that shows the importance of a Feng Shui analysis – before a major move or refurbishing. A lot of pain could have been avoided at no extra cost.

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