Office and Commercial Design

The most important business Feng Shui design feature is that the main entrance can collect and admit radiant life force – wealth energy

Feng Shui office & commercial Feng Shui design

Feng Shui design will provide you with the blueprint of the design and internal layout for your business, including optimal support for each person. It avoids activating energies that would cause stress, calamities, arguments and inability to make decisions.

Feng Shui should be applied in the design when you can choose your site and design. If vibrant energy comes through the entrance and can circulate through the premises, wealth is activated. When people are positioned with positive Feng Shui energies their wellbeing and work are well supported.

In a design consultation, you will get:

  • Best overall layout for a large commercial building;
  • Best door positions, partitions, pathways to fill the space with radiant energies;
  • Ideal positions for the various functions and key people of the business;
  • Colour schemes and furniture placement that facilitate harmony and good business flows;
  • Position of a water feature to enhance vibrant energies.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to use Feng Shui in the design and layout a workspace. Mistakes in commercial premises are harder to remedy than in a home as they generally rely heavily on the energy from the entrance. 

What happens during a business design consultation

  • Site inspection and personal meeting to establish your needs and wants, constraints, eg number of workstations, functions and types of activities, etc.
  • Optional extra: site selection to ensure that the best type of building can be built.
  • Establishing environmental influences and the energy blueprint. Identifying best pathways and areas for various activities.
  • Establishment of design concept for your building.
  • This is then worked through by you and your designer to come up with a final design concept.
  • Assessment of the final plan, possible fine-tuning. Detailed plan and written report that outlines ideal internal doorways, room and furniture placement and colour schemes, etc.
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Feng Shui.


Office or commercial Feng Shui design is an individualised service that may be as simple as providing you with a plan of interior design that you then take to your designer or it may involve a series of adjustments in the process of developing the ideal design, between you, us and your designer.

Prices depend on the size of the building and lie around $1100 for premises of up to 6 rooms, including boardroom and reception. However, costs may vary on the amount of detail as well as changes and redraws involved. Prices for corporate buildings, other sized buildings or warehouses are individual. Please contact me for a quote.

Confidence to get it right

A building should feel great and be right for its purpose. Feng Shui recommendations are individual to your needs and unique to your property. With Feng Shui, a space does not just look good, but it will also feel right! 

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