Online Feng Shui Workshops

Live online – Home Office & Bedroom Feng Shui

Learn basic Feng Shui principles to improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom or home office.

Workshops are of 1.5 hours duration and live streamed online. They are also available for groups/businesses on request. Please click info/book for further information and bookings or call Brigitte on 0403 366 100 for more information. 

Each workshop covers practical steps to achieve good Feng Shui – conducive and happy spaces to sleep or work in. We will cover fundamental Feng Shui principles relevant to your specific situation.

The workshops are run by Brigitte, Soulspace Feng Shui consultant for over 20 years. Her purpose is to bring the Soul back into buildings, to assist you to connect deeply with your spaces so they fit you like a third skin and work for your unique situations. Apart from advanced Feng Shui training, she has gathered a unique skill set that includes healthy building practices (building biology), permaculture, the Tao and how to make buildings come alive.


How about a unique gift for a special person?

Here is a gift voucher that will inspire anyone wanting to make their home come to life!

The gift of learning the basics of Feng Shui will last a lifetime, and will enabling them to think with these ancient principles to not just make their current place feel right and comfortable, but also to help them create an even better home in the future.

Follow the prompts below, to purchase a gift voucher ($20 minimum) and we’ll email this to your special someone. It’s straightforward: If the class they want to do is cheaper, we’ll give them a credit towards their next visit. If it is more expensive, they can pay the difference when they enrol online.

Please note before purchasing that vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are non-transferable/refundable.