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How to create Life Supporting Buildings.

I have put together a thought-provoking presentation about how to create life-supporting buildings. I am available as a guest speaker to present this (or a tailor-made version for a particular group) at various events or functions. 

Please contact me with enquiries or to arrange a presentation.

Life-supporting Buildings

The purpose of this presentation is to provoke people to take a look at how buildings and the way we live in them can contribute to ill health and disease, and how to create living spaces that not just feel alive but that also support our health. It creates awareness of how to bring more life energy into our buildings – some of which can be immediately applied by the listener. 

Buildings as our Third Skin

Just as we recognise health-compromising additives in food and are moving towards more natural and organic eating, I invite people to take a look at how to align our buildings to the more holistic ways of nature, so they can function as a comfortable and healthy third skin for us. 

We will look at how building factors can drain a person’s life energy and contribute to stress and disease, including the effect of the various types of electro-smog as well as building materials, finishes and products.

We will examine healthy alternatives that enable people to gradually improve their living spaces, including an exploration of air vitality, how to collect positive environmental energy and utilise healthy materials to create buildings that support health and wellbeing.

On the Trail of Life

My presentation follows the trail life energy as manifest in a building both from a scientific and traditional Chinese approach. It is based on my 20-year research into traditional Feng Shui and Chinese medicine, Building Biology (the study of life supporting buildings), science and the human spirit. 

I am thrilled to make this presentation available now. Please contact me if you are interested.

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