Select a House Design

Why do identical buildings feel different when on different blocks? For each block, there is a home design that will be healthy and feel great.

Select the best home design – from $640

Based on the facing direction and design, each building has a unique distribution of energies. For each block, there is an ideal layout that is in harmony with these energies and that will result in a home that will feel great and support the occupants.

The select-a-house-design service is for urban developments. It will help you choose the best layout for your block from a range of builder’s designs, and optimise this where necessary.

By selecting a design in harmony with the energies of your site, you are guaranteed to create the best possible environment for your family and also avoid negative influences, such as bedrooms with a potential to have sleep problems or sickness energy.

The service includes a site visit or meeting with you, a booklet with Feng Shui information relevant to the consultation, the energy chart of the proposed plan, summary notes of design recommendations, a sketched floor plan, and one re-check of actual plans to be submitted to council.


I will provide you with the:

  • Best overall layout and flow of energies;
  • Best positions for bedrooms and living areas;
  • Best location for windows and doors to let in radiant energies;
  • Best rooms for each family member or specific function;
  • Overall garden layout, including paths, sitting areas and water features.
  • Follow up communications via email or phone;
  • One re-check of plans if modifications were made.

We generally find a suitable design from available floorplans that needs no or only minor design changes.

To conduct this service, I will need the address/ lot no of your block of land, a small selection of floor plans that you are considering, as well as each family member’s birth date – if possible, emailed to me 2 days prior to our meeting.


Prices start at $640 for a single story 3 bedroom home. $60 for every additional storey or room. This includes my preliminary homework and construction of energy chart, a face to face meeting of up to 3hrs, the selection of an ideal plan for your block of land (from your shortlist), or recommendations of what modifications may be required or alternative plans to look for.

A detailed written report covering detailed furniture placement, decor, Feng Shui enhancements and colour schemes for each room can be provided from $260 ($40 for every extra room or living area). This will allow you to harmonise colour schemes, décor and furniture placement with the energies of each room, creating a balanced home.

Should further time or additional changes or redraws be required, these will be charged at $150/hr. Properties more than 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

Confidence to get it Right

Brigitte Seum is the senior consultant for Soulspace, with professional experience since 1999. She provides professional Feng Shui consultations in Melbourne and conducts remote Feng Shui analysis anywhere in the world.

“I always work within the constraints of the block, your needs and wants and budget limitations. Feng Shui recommendations will give you a frame of reference, which can generally be implemented within any budget or style.”

Call or email me for any enquiries or to book a consultation!

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