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Feng Shui Developments

Units, Apartments & Property Developments

Feng Shui, applied in the design stage of property development, will help make the overall building as well as individual units more attractive, liveable and harmonious.

Feng Shui aims to collect positive environmental energy and make this available to the occupants – that is, to create rooms and spaces that have integrity and provide ample life energy, ease of living and comfort.

During the design stage Feng Shui can help create buildings that function at their best and feel right, making them more attractive to a larger group of potential buyers.


Feng Shui Design Principles ensure:

  • The property can collect positive environmental life energy,
  • Spaces and rooms support the activities of living and personal comfort,
  • People and energy flow harmoniously through the building.


Avoid Common Design Mistakes, such as:

  • Energy passing right through the building – rather than being collected,
  • Pathways that waste and compromise valuable living space,
  • Too little support for people’s activities – affecting comfort & wellbeing.

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Feng Shui Review for Property Developments

The application of Feng Shui can be staged and scaled to any property development – from overall concept to details of individual units. Each step will help you shift your property a step further into the positive.


1. Floor Plan Review

The application of the physical Feng Shui design principles can assist in placing the various rooms and spaces so that each support (and not compromise) people’s ease and comfort. This includes pathways and door placement.

This can be a stand alone service, which by itself will provide substantial benefits to the lives of people there.


2. Energy Review

Our aim is each to maximise the existent energies of the property.

With advanced Feng Shui tools we can determine the quality of energy, the feel, of each individual space within a building. From that, we can determine the best usage for each area – so that the most radiant life energy will fill the property and people are supported by positive energies where they spend time.

Design suggestions during this phase could include flipping a plan, swapping of rooms or adjusting door positions.


For best outcomes, both physical design and energies are integrated and harmonised.



We understand that every project has limitations – limitations of budget, planning and design. There is no perfect building.

There are however, better and worse buildings. We are committed to help you achieve the best possible property within the existent limitations of site and budget.

Please contact me for a tailor-made service for your project.


Design Certification

Upon completion, a certificate of Feng Shui design can be issued, outlining the Feng Shui principles and benefits of the particular design.

Brigitte Seum, is the senior consultant for Soulspace, with professional experience since 1999. She provides professional Feng Shui consultations in Australia and conducts remote Feng Shui analysis anywhere in the world.

Please contact me to arrange a review of you plans. Ph. 0403 366 100.


Image: Grant Lemons on unsplash

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