About Soulspace Feng Shui

My purpose is to bring Soul into buildings – to create homes, workspaces and landscapes that are alive, beautiful, healthy and in harmony with nature and where people feel comfortable and at home.

I conduct Feng Shui consultations in the design phase and improvments of existing buildings.

My Career

I have been involved with buildings and health for most of my adult life. I started as a cabinetmaker, then became a Naturopath and Qigong practitioner (a Chinese healing art), with particularly interest in Qi (energy), the Dao, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, all of which describe the creation, expression and transformation of life force.

Feng Shui Consultant

When creating a home – pregnant with our first child in 1993, I naturally began to investigate Feng Shui, which brings together nature, design, aesthetics, geometry and Chinese philosophy. I trained in classic Feng Shui, have a Higher Diploma and am a Senior Practitioner with the Feng Shui Research Centre. I have been a professional Feng Shui consultant since 1999.

Since, I added skills as a Building Inspector and working with a natural solution to rising damp, completed a Certificate in Building Biology – including designing for climate, healthy building materials and locating and remedying factors in buildings that can make people sick. I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate, incorporating a Wholistic Design Process and a deeper understanding of how energy moves in nature. My work has also been informed by Christopher Alexander’s timeless way of building, which explores factors that make a building live, and I further have delved deeply into philosophy, quantum physics, sacred geometry and Anthroposophyical Transformative Architecture.

I am interested in the meeting point of science and spirit and have explored this deeply, and through it have developed a wholistic approach to my work.

Interestingly, everything I learn seems to help me gain a deeper understanding of my Feng Shui practice, living buildings and the Dao. I am excited about my niche that is bridging buildings and health, and hope to be making a positive impact on the people around me in creating a world of better buildings for the future.

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Feng Shui qualifications & practice

With my years of practical Feng Shui application, a key competency I bring to each analysis is to know what is important. There are hundreds of Feng Shui principles, but not all carry the same weight. However, a few of them are essential in creating a living building.

I know what works and what does not. My practice is hands-on. It is based on traditional Feng Shui as well as my studies into the working of energy.

I received my Higher Diploma and qualification of Senior Feng Shui Practitioner from Master Joseph Yu and the Feng Shui Research Centre. I am qualified in the practice of Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star Feng Shui), 8 House Mansion, Business Feng Shui, and Advanced Feng Shui Water Methods. I am Platinum member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC) and Senior Practitioner with the Feng Shui Research Centre (FSRC). I have spent years sifting through much of the often-conflicting data that exists in this area.

The backbone of my Feng Shui practice is the traditional Flying Star Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xing). This has nothing to do with stars, but with the changing influence of energy and time on a building. As nothing is static in this universe, only such system that also tracks the effect of time on a building can be fully successful. This has works in tandem with landscape forms and the physical arrangements of a place.

The Feng Shui methods I use were empirically scrutinised by Master Joseph Yu and the Feng Shui Research Centre, a professional group committed to providing genuine and effective Feng Shui solutions, and to clean-up the Feng Shui profession from irrational superstitions and practices. I am committed to deliver only such Feng Shui methods that have successfully held up to real life data.

I was one of the fist people in Australia to be trained in traditional Feng Shui methods in the late 1990s, and have become a leading Feng Shui practitioner in Australia – with consistent results in the improvement and design of homes and workspaces. I have had the privilege of consulting thousands of people in private homes and commercial premises in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, the US and Germany.


The Rest of My Life

In my spare time, I designed and built a small home. I dabble in making things, art, music, gardening, food preserving and natural remedies. I enjoy nature, the outdoors, walks and bike rides. One of my projects is to write a book, which brings together factors of healthy building elements and life force.


I always continue learning and exploring the boundaries of my practices  – never a dull moment!

Brigitte Seum
0403 366 100
Melbourne Australia

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