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This case study shows what can happen when the energy of a room is not conducive to the activity there – an example of remediating ‘sleep trouble’ and a ‘sleepy business’.

With applying Feng Shui in the design stage, we can create the best possible home or business space! This is a case study of an existing home to demonstrate what good design involves – and what type of situation you can avoid:

Some rooms are good to sleep in, others good for business

In this example, the wrong Feng Shui energies were inadvertently used for business activities and in the bedroom. An initial Feng Shui design consultation could have provided this family with a great home from the beginning and avoided subsequent remediation and repositioning of rooms and functions:

A young family in an old house on Sydney’s North Shore had all sorts of trouble. The father had not slept more than a few hours a night since moving into this house, the 5 year old daughter caused lot of trouble and was sick a lot. Their business, he ran from the front room of the home, was just cranking along, but not as successful as it should have been.

The energy map of the house revealed, that the couple was sleeping in an area that was most harmful for sleep and health (in the left-hand bedroom). This room, however, had very radiant energy for business, but this was inactivated by their large bed.

The office on the other hand, was located in a very dull area, harmful for business (front room/at bottom). The colours and bed location of their daughter caused harm to her health and wellbeing (middle bedroom).

It was obvious that the best solution was to switch their office and bedrooms. The bedroom now, although smaller, tapped into beneficial energy for sleep, and their office benefited from the radiance of the former bedroom. This couple was willing to do make those changes. They experienced great results immediately.

The father slept through each night after this change, and their business picked up substantially. We shifted their daughter’s bed and used some colour and decor remedies. She settled down and her behaviour changed remarkably.

Note: this occurred in period 7, with the #7 being the most radiant energy.

However, to benefit from good Feng Shui, this couple had to sleep in a tiny room. If Feng Shui had been used in the design they could have avoided such compromise.

With Feng Shui design we placed the bedrooms where there is good energy for sleep and health, and the office where there is positive Yang energy – and have a layout that suits your life.

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