What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the timeless science and art of creating buildings and landscapes that are not only beautiful, but also feel right.

The application of Feng Shui principles enhances the success and happiness of the people who live and work in them. It ensures that buildings will feel right.

Feng Shui is Chinese for ‘wind and water’. Feng Shui is based on a six thousand year history. 

This is achieved through the alignment of a building’s physical and decorative features with its unique energies. 

Why even identical looking buildings feel different?

Based on the exact compass direction and building age, each building is subject to a different set of energetic influences. These, together with the physical features, give it its distinctive feel.

Because of the different energies, even identical homes can end up having a different feel. Feng Shui can measure and predict these underlying energetic influences in a building.

Based on its energy blueprint and design, we can select colour schemes, layout and placement that are harmonious. Such building will not only look good – but also feel right.

Feng Shiu can create a positive building with certainty

An ideal building is different for each site and orientation, as well as for different functions and needs. It is tailor-made to each situation.

With Feng Shui we can make sure that your work and living spaces are filled with life force, and that you can sleep and relax in your bedrooms – and that you have a space conducive to any of your other activities, such as a study, an art or music studio…

When the Feng Shui of a house is wrong, you are battling against the forces of Nature and will experience more stress and unnecessary difficulties.

We can help you select the best positions for your activities, your beds, for windows, pathways and doorways – so that all of these contribute to your quality of life and wellbeing.

But what is Feng Shui really? Following are some key principles.


In Feng Shui, beauty is a fundamental principle that weaves like a golden thread through all other Feng Shui principles. Unless your furniture and décor is beautiful, and unless your space is clean and unpleasant, you won’t have good Feng Shui.

Your intention to create beauty and harmony is the first step to good Feng Shui.

Yin & Yang

With Feng Shui we endeavour to achieve a dynamic balance between Yin & Yang. Quiet places with heavy furniture are Yin, whereas open and active areas are Yang.

A bright entry hall in contrast to more subdued lighting in the bedrooms; heavy furniture in one area and open space in another, create such a dynamic balance.

Furthermore, advanced Feng Shui formulas tell us where to place the active and quiet spaces within a home or office. There are energetic ‘highways’ in each building. These are good for business and activities. And there are areas that are conducive to sleep and relaxation. 

It is as difficult to sleep or relax on an energetic ‘highway’, as it is to work in a ‘sleepy’ area of your home or office. Life is at odds there. With right usage of Yin and Yang, established through a Feng Shui analysis, relaxation and work become easier. 

Five Elements

We are trying to achieve a balance of the Five Feng Shui Elements. These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They don’t so much refer to these substances, but actually symbolise the five phases of transformation of energy. A Feng Shui consultant assesses the quality of five elements.

In each area of a building, there is a different balance of naturally existing elements. In some areas, these elements will be in harmony with each other; whereas in others there will be an inherent conflict, which you experience as uneasiness or difficulties.

Feng Shui colours are used to mitigate these conflicts and make the space harmonious inside out. Each combination requires a different approach to colour. For examples, some areas flourish when the colour red is introduced, whereas you would become more agitated and stressed, or even sick, if reds were used in another area of the house. 

Eight Directions – the Bagua

In a home or office, different types of energies enter the space from the eight compass directions. This is referred to as the Bagua. Advanced Feng Sui determines the exact energy pattern for your building. Altogether 144 of these energetic patterns are possible. The pattern for your building is entirely individual. You can’t get it from a book.

The energies that enter your space from the different directions give your home or office a certain feel or theme; and they may also trigger particular life experiences, either good or bad. 

This is why you find offices that house a succession of successful businesses, and homes where families are happy and life is harmonious. But this is also why you can find homes that house a succession of relationship break-ups or offices where the owners keep changing because of business troubles. 

Knowing what the types of energies are that enter a space from the different directions are, will give us the tools to make the best out of any space, home or office.

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