New House Design

For each block and each family there is an ideal design that is in harmony with the natural energies and the dynamics of your life.

Design a new home from scratch – from $990

This comprehensive service guarantees that you will create the best possible environment for your family and avoid any negative influences.

It not only will allow you to make the most of the available Feng Shui energies, we also engage in a Living Design Process – a process of nutting out ways your home can best reflect your individual way of life.                                                    

This comprehensive service guarantees that you will create the best possible environment for your family and avoid creating a dull home, such as bedrooms where you would have trouble sleeping, etc. 

We will provide you with a plan that will give you:

  • Ideal orientation (if applicable);
  • Best pathways and flows of energy and people;
  • Best positions for various areas, such as bedrooms, living rooms, etc.;
  • Best location for windows and doors to let in radiant energies;
  • Harmonious colour schemes, décor and furniture placement;
  • Ideal garden layout, including water feature(s).

We provide a blueprint of design to your architect or designer and landscape designer. This can be implemented with any building and decorating style. 


Prices start at $990. This includes a site visit and face-to-face meeting (up to 4 hours). Based on your individual needs and wants, landscape features and Feng Shui energies, we will work out the basic layout for your home, including best area for each activity and best room for each person.

This is an individualised service that may be as simple as providing you with a sketch of the proposed design that you then take to your designer; or it may involve a series of adjustments in the process of developing the ideal design, between you, us and your designer.

Additional time, changes or redraws will be charged at $150/hr. Travel to properties more than 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

Once the layout is finalised, a detailed written report covering detailed furniture placement and colour schemes for each room can be provided from $260. This will allow you to harmonise colour schemes, décor and furniture placement with the energies of each room, creating balance and harmony.

NOTE: For a comprehensive assessment of your potential home a Geopathic Stress assessment is highly recommended to avoid placing sleeping areas on top of geopathic stress zones. 

What Happens during a New House Design Consultation

  • Site inspection and personal meeting to establish your needs and wants, limitations, eg number of bedrooms, home office, study, art or music room, etc.
  • Establishing of the Feng Shui influences on your block, and the energy blueprint of your proposed home, and identifying the best areas for doors and various activities.
  • Sketch and verbal report of the best possible design and layout for your home.
  • This is then worked through by you and your designer until you come up with a design concept.
  • Re-assessment and possible fine-tuning of the design concept plan;

and when this is finialised:

  • Ideal design, furniture placement and colour schemes for each room of your proposed home.
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Feng Shui.

This ensures that you will create the best possible home within the possibilities and restrictions of your site.

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