New House Design

When designing you have the unique opportunity to get it right – to create a building that supports your health, wealth and relationships.

For each bloc, each family and each business, there is an ideal design that is in harmony with the natural energies and the dynamics of your life.

Design a new home from scratch

This comprehensive service guarantees that you will create the best possible environment for your family or business and avoid any negative influences. Good Feng Shui incorporates harmonising the design of your building with the existent compass energies individual to your site.

Please note: Feng Shui design input should ideally come first, before you draw up detailed plans. The best time to come to me is in the idea phase, as this will help you develop the right plan from the concept stage. It avoids activating negative energies or bedrooms that could make you sick, and ensures that you will benefit from the best available energies.

If your building was designed from start to finish with me, I will issue a Certificate of Good Feng Shui detailing its main points.



I will provide you with as much or as little information you need for your project, including:

  • Ideal orientation (if applicable);
  • Best pathways and flows of energy and people;
  • Best positions for various areas, living rooms, home office, etc.;
  • Best compatible bedroom for each family member;
  • Best location for windows and doors to let in radiant energies;
  • Harmonious colour schemes, décor and furniture placement;
  • Ideal garden layout, including water feature(s).

We provide a blueprint of design to your architect or designer and landscape designer. This can be implemented with any building and decorating style. If you are selecting a house design from a range of builder’s plans, click here.

Contact me:

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Prices start at $660 as with the Select a house design service. This includes, my preparation, a site visit and face-to-face/virtual meeting (up to 3 hours). After that charges are based on time required at $150ph. Travel to properties more than 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

This is an individualised service may be as simple as providing you with a sketch for the basic layout, improvement suggestions to your proposed design, or the whole process of nutting out the best layout for your place, which may be a back and forth process over some time. This may occur in collaboration with your architect or designer.


Common Steps of the New House Design Service

  • Site inspection and personal meeting to establish your needs and wants, limitations, eg number of bedrooms, home office, study, art or music room, etc.
  • Establishing of the Feng Shui influences on your block, and the energy blueprint of your proposed home, and identifying the best areas for doors and various activities.
  • Sketch and discussion of the best possible design and layout for your home.
  • This is then worked through by you and your designer until you come up with a design concept.
  • Re-assessment and possible fine-tuning of the design concept plan;
  • Ideal design, furniture placement and colour schemes for each room of your proposed home.
  • Issuance of a Certificate of Feng Shui.

This ensures that you will create the best possible home within the possibilities and restrictions of your site.


Confidence to get it Right

Brigitte Seum is the senior consultant for Soulspace, with professional experience since 1999. She provides professional Feng Shui consultations in Melbourne and conducts remote Feng Shui analysis anywhere in the world.

“I always work within the constraints of the block, your needs and wants and budget limitations. Feng Shui recommendations will give you a frame of reference, which can generally be implemented within any budget or style.”

Call or email me for any enquiries or to book a consultation. 0403 366 100



[Image: Dmitri Popov on unsplash]

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