Consultation – Business Premises Improvement

A business Feng Shui consultation is designed to improve the premise’s life force, functionality and to support the key people of the business.

Business premise improvements

The goal of a business Feng Shui consultation is to enable the business to utilise the best available life force – aka wealth energies -and to ensure that each person and activity is well supported.                                                                                                                                 

Ideally, Feng Shui is used when choosing a premise, as the energy at the front door of a business is the key factor in how much life force will be available at the site!

Business Feng Shui Improvements

You will get:

  • Location of the wealth energy, including recommendations of how to bring this into the site;
  • How to utilise positive energies to support your personnel and their functions;
  • How to avoid and diminish negative influences;
  • Ideal furnishing, furniture arrangements, colour schemes and décor for each area;
  • Position of water feature(s), to activate wealth if required.
  • Follow up communications via email or phone to fine tune recommendations to your satisfaction.

I can also assist in the selection of furniture, artworks and furnishings.

To conduct the consultation, I will need:

  • Your address;
  • The 20-year period in which the building was built or last refurbished. Periods are: …, 1904-1923; 1924-1943; 1944-1963; 1964-1983; 1984-2003; after 2004.
  • scaled floor plan (it can be hand drawn, but needs to be to scale). I prefer to have this emailed to me before my visit – or you could have two A4 or A3 copies ready for me at the time of the site visit. If you don’t have a floor plan, I can draw up a simple floor plan on the spot, at an extra charge of $60 per story.


The price for a business consultation vary and are charded at an hourly rate. The consultation includes a site visit, needs assessment and discussion, as well as a detailed written Feng Shui report, including a room-by-room write-up of recommendations and improvements.

Prices vary for other-sized premises, corporate buildings or warehouses. They depend on the size of the premise, the number of people/desks/functions and rooms. Please contact me for a quote.

Confidence to get it right

A building should feel great and be right for its purpose. Feng Shui recommendations are individual to your needs and unique to your property.

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