Feng Shui Client Testimonials

From time to time clients send us successes, demonstrating the kind of experiences they’ve had with Soulspace. Here are a few of them.


Hi Brigitte. We have done a massive clean-up of the study which feels good. We are in the process of reframing the kitchen picture and also the one for the hall. The brown wall is now cream. Looks great. We are having fun and I’m liking the changes. Thank you.” R&P, 2019

“Ever since moving in with my fiancé I haven’t slept very well. I always knew something was a miss however after having a couple of major accidents in a knee reconstruction, an elbow dislocation and pretty much anything that could go wrong was going wrong, I figured I had to try something. Brigette came over and after some investigating we found the problem. My sleeping position was horrible for me. With a change of bed direction, some addition of colour an the manoeuvring of some furniture, our home feels so much better! It was almost immediate that my sleep improved. I’ve always been a great sleeper so to have that back is amazing. Now could it be a placebo? Who knows, but I’ve got Brigette looking at every other area of my life too and have recommended her several times.” A, Viewbank 2019

“We did install the electric field strip and paint (to handle smart meter radiation) and moved the furniture and got rid of some furniture and we felt an instant calm in the room. The electric field shield was a big change!… The mirror is placed near the kitchen wall and seems to bring in a new energy too… We got rid of some unused bricks in the east side of the house and automatically felt rejuvenated and unstuck”. G & I, Coburg, 2018

“House feels good, getting a bit more work done. Thanks for your assistance.” VC, Noble park, 2018

“I just wanted to share with you the following; Around november/ december last year I followed your advice and moved my bed to the NW bedroom. As the weeks progressed the relationship with my husband started to become transformed; we have spent the last 5 and a half years separated as a couple but at the same time we are family and we enjoy raising our daughter  together very much. I think highly of him but the last half decade i considered myself single… Well, now it is like a miracle has happened and the whole negative situation has shifted. Can it be the special energies in this room? It has been a huge surprise…” M, Spain

“Thank you for the recommendations. A. mentioned the space felt better when he returned home – we are painting the door white this weekend 🙂 and picking up a wu lu today. Thank you.” SW, Windsor, VIC

“Hello Brigitte, Thank you for the additional information. I have started making a few enhancements and have noticed a better energy/feel in those areas.” KC, Burwood

“We are enjoying the new house and we are just fine. Thanks for your help with Feng Shui.” DF, Cranbourne North

Since you have come in and helped us understand Feng Shui and how to apply it to our home, the overall energy and life of the house has approved dramatically for us. We have started to use spaces again that we very rarely used, we enjoy spending time at home more and are more invigorated by the energy in the house. It feels more like a home now and less like a building.” A C, Seddon

“I had a consultation with Brigitte to work out the layout of my office. Upon her advice, I have changed the position of my desk and added a lot of ‘fire elements’ to my office. With the new position of my desk, I have managed to have a better view outside the window. When working with Brigitte, there is no fixed rules, rather the solutions are tailored for each individual, each building and what the client wants to achieve. I also like it that the solutions are not superstitious, but practical. Coming from an Asian background, it is a fresh breath of air that I do not need to buy expensive products to achieve the best ‘Fengshui’. After changing the furniture arrangement and adding or replacing the ‘elements’ in my office, I have seen a big change in my mood and productivity. Brigitte is also highly organised, she brought along the documents and tools that made sure the consultation went smoothly. “That’s so German of you!” was how I liked to tease her. I would have no doubt to recommend Brigitte for people who want to optimise their living and working space to improve wellbeing and productivity.” PQ. Melbourne.

“All your suggestions & colours for our rooms and living spaces seem so right. Thanks again. It was great to have your input and get some clarity, coupled with your knowledge and a different set of eyes. I found the perfect option for my ‘cosy corner’.” Kate, Heidelberg, VIC

“We have slowly been making the changes. We did change bedrooms as suggested, and have now painted each & done them up with accessories in the suggested colours. Since that time I got a good sized raise (unexpected) & a new role @work. Also moved living room furniture to your suggestions. Thanks again” E. Launching Place, VIC

“Hi Brigitte,we made those 2 further improvements you suggested. Service was good thanks, relatively quick and easy and we really happy with our final floor plan.” D. in WA

“We were lucky to have found Brigitte before we locked in the house that we wanted to build. The Feng-Shui worked straight away, we had to change the house type and saved ourselves a lot of money from the difference in price. Brigitte was very patient, not too prescriptive in her approach, but ensured that we understand the positive and negative aspects of the house. Even after the reports were produced, she happily answered our follow up questions. We would recommend anyone who is planning on building a new home to engage Brigitte, before you sign on the dotted line with the builder!”. I.P. Caroline Springs

“Hi Brigitte,It’s now almost 3 years after we moved into this house and I just want to let you know that the house has brought so much joy, happiness and success to us. We were trying to have another baby for over 4 years, by the time we moved in we fell pregnant within the first 2 months! We are now blessed with a happy and healthy girl who is turning 2 this month. S. and I also started our own business last year. Our business has grown so much and our turn over last financial year was higher than what we originally anticipated. We are now ready to expand the business and invest in other areas. Health wise has been really good, especially for our son who was a premature baby. He suffered with asthma and eczema badly in the old house. Once we moved here, there?s noticeable improvement and he?s now able to play sports regularly without any struggle. He has stopped taking asthma preventer as well. All of our friends and families always comment on how they like being in this house. The house makes them feel relax and happy. We always mention about you to anyone who comments on the house. We would highly recommend your service and would certainly engage you again if we ever build another house.” I.P.

“Hello Brigitte, just wanted to drop you a line, thanking you for your visit and your assessment. I was excited to find out that you felt the same things that I did .I have moved into the other bedroom and I can feel the difference. I will progress steadily with the other things that you suggested would help. Little steps. I would genuinely be happy to give your details to anyone that required your services. I do feel that things are different. Many Thanks again.” K.C. Croydon

“Hi Brigitte, I don’t know if you’ll remember me as it has been a very long time since you helped me with my plan, however I’d just like to thank you for your help and, for your information only, show you our finished result. After waiting for our plans and just over a year to build, now it really feels like home. We have been here since April and we are absolutely thrilled as it’s such a beautiful space to live in. Thanks for all your help.” E. M. Leeton NSW

“I opened before Christmas. Business is slowly growing, everyone comments how peaceful to space feels.” Melbourne Reiki Centre

“Hi Brigitte, thanks so much for your time yesterday. I love my home & even though I am happy there I knew it needed tweaking which is why I contacted you, but I certainly had no idea that it would be to this degree!! After getting over the initial shock, everything you said so explains what I have been dealing with since I moved into that bedroom. Even though I am not unhappy, my health & relationships have been rocky to say the least in the last 4.5 years & this explains a lot of things in both areas of my life & I am out of there as soon as I get myself a new bed that fits!!!

( 6 weeks later): I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been happening since you came. As you know I changed my bedroom? changed my linens to black, silvers & golds… my room still needs some tweaking to make it cosier but I am sleeping the best & deepest I have for a very long time. Now that in itself is a blessing but add to it… that I have met a terrific guy!! That has sort of spun me out a little because it happened so fast & easily after being on my own for so long. I know its probably not all Feng Shui & my attitude plays a part as well but I am going to give credit to the new & better energies in & around my home after your visit. So thank you for your input and ensuring I took the advice to change my bedroom & relationship sector in particular. I hope that I will continue to reap the benefits of your visit in the coming year Brigitte, because if this last 2 months since you have been is anything to go by, I am going to have a great year!” T.D. Croydon

“We engaged Brigitte to get our home ready for sale. She helped us rearrange some furniture, swapped around some paintings, opened the veranda doors and recommended to let people into the home from there – into the light filled the lounge which she loaded up with a heap of red cushions? The transformation was incredible! We would have never thought of this ourselves. It saved us so much time, guesswork and money. The house now looks super and inviting – you just feel comfortable in it! This was a fantastic investment, and I would recommend Brigitte any time.” C.B. Warburton

“Hello Brigitte, great to hear from you. Yes, new space is coming along nicely. Staff are very happy and we have had some lovely comments from clients. Working on expanding the business and hoping the various partnerships we are putting in place are more successful than last year’s. A lot on, too busy almost but feeling more positive, that’s for sure.” H.S.K. Camberwell

“I stumbled upon Brigitte when googling for Feng Shui Interior Designer Melbourne. To be honest, I sent enquiries to several Consultants but Brigitte was very prompt and responded to my enquiryquickly. She was also very accommodative in terms of appointment time as we were going to move into a new apartment and needed prompt feng shui consultation before moving in. We find her extremely approachable, friendly, her consultation is mostly two-way, initiating plenty of discussions with us instead of “instructing” us what to do. Best of all, she is often helpful and provided post consultation support each time we had any further queries. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone anytime!” CL

“Dear Brigitte, we have moved into bedroom 4 for sleeping and Laraine has noticed an improvement in her sleeping. We enjoyed your gentle presentation and that you focussed on the positive sides of Feng Shui. We found your approach was very comprehensive and helpful. Many thanks for answering our questions , I have done the salt , water cure before and found it successfull so I will do that. Many Thanks” M. Officer

Hi Brigette, H. and I both feel the changes we have made are good. I’m surprised what a big difference blocking off the doorway to the hallway with the dresser has made – it ‘feels’ cosier and good to have something big and solid behind us when we sit on the sofa.” H & A, Blackburn

“Hi Brigitte, Yes, we shifted the bedroom and the other room is set up. We moved bookshelves to hallway to make room and that looks really good. Generally I have found the bedroom much more relaxing – it is definitely a nicer place to be in general. I am currently working in our former bedroom and it is much better for work- I find I can concentrate a lot easier in here. Thanks for all your help, R.” Northcote

“Hi Brigitte, Thank you so much for the consultation – you certainly gave us a lot to think about. We were very inspired on Saturday and spent the whole evening moving furniture around until midnight! We still have a lot more to do but we were immediately very thrilled with the results ? an instant transformation.” Kind regards, Alice

“I loved all of the suggestions you made for my house and made the amendments with the builder… I really appreciate the information you supplied to me… You’ve been fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone else I know who is interested in your services.” J.S. New Home Package, Hoppers Crossing, VIC

“Thought it was high time I dropped you a note, mainly to let you know I have started to feel different hopefully it is the electricity that I had in my system, am getting up feeling better, not as tired during the day either.. Thank you for your newsletters I enjoy reading them.” B.M. Moe, VIC

“I would definitely be more inclined to go with a house if it was already Feng Shui ‘d!” L.D. Hawthorn, VIC

“Since we moved in, I have won a lot of prizes! A dustbuster (very happy bcos I wanted one!!) a lucky door prize – a book which I also loved, A prize hamper from the cricket trivia night, Coles Myer Voucher, Im sure there was other things too, I cant think of right now… I try and make the cat use the ‘money door’!! “ C.W. Ballarat, VIC

“I’ve already implemented some if the cures you suggested… My space already feels way better! … I did try the water experiment and It worked great. My business picked up and lots of good personal things happened too.” K. Remote Consult, California

“We had found our perfect apartment, in the best location and yet something seemed to be missing. Brigitte undertook a thorough assessment, asking questions about how we used the space and what we wanted from it; really listening to us. Brigitte gave us practical and achievable advice, that have resulted in transforming the apartment into a living home. Simple things, such as changing colours and moving things around the space, worked immediately. Guests are immediately welcomed and the whole apartment seems transformed. Brigitte gave us the advice and tools that continue to be put into effect in our home. Thank you Brigitte, your advice and expertise wasexceptional.” S & C, Southbank, Melbourne

“I realise that it was a good opportunity when changing house to call a professional. I must say that following all your advices has been very good for me, I never felt as happy as now generally speaking in my new home and also my relationship with my grandson (teenager!…) leaving with me is becoming better everyday. Whenever family or friends visited me they have a very good feeling in our home. The other point I wanted to make here is that like everybody else, my life is not perfect and i have some worries either with my job or family at times, nevertheless I feel very peaceful and in harmony (or balance) with my surrounding. This is something that never happens to me before as i have a tendency to be overworry about things that I don’t control anyway. So thanks again for all your good advices.” C.C, New Pacific Shipping Ltd, Sydney, Australia

“The changes I’ve put into place seem to have made a noticeable difference to us. Both Rob and I are communicating better, are both more positive in our outlook and just basically getting on much better than we were. We are sleeping better in the bedroom now too which I’m glad about as I like the feel of the room now and it looks good the way the bed is positioned in the room and with the black dresser against the other wall?.Everything is going a lot better now thank you, very harmonious.” P.M. Keilor, VIC

“Everything is going wonderfully; everyone can feel the difference in the office. I have got a great fish tank with lovely fish. I just need to organize another fish bowl for the back section. My cousin came into the office today and commented on how well the office looked with the fish and the total atmosphere. I told her that I had called in a Feng Shui lady, she wanted your number and called you from my office straight away. We have had great improvements, I am very happy with everything, now I am planning to have you come and see my home.” M.C., Managing Director, Recruitment National Pty Ltd, Sydney

“I am writing to thank you so much for your helpful advice when I was preparing my home for sale. The rooms now have a fresh new feel to them. I followed your advice and used colours that had not occurred to me to use in some rooms, and the transformation was lovely. Also the reflective use of metals in the right place opened the space up. I have now sold my home and feel that the changes helped with gaining interest in my property. You really helped me present my home at its best.” R. M., Interior Designer, Hawthorn, VIC

“After failing to sell our home first time round, my husband and I called on Brigitte?s services to see if Feng Shui imbalances were the problem. Brigitte identified key areas that were a concern and she provided easy solutions that we could implement straight away. The use of colour in certain rooms was inexpensive and gave the home a more balanced energy for prospective buyers. Needless to say, we were over the moon when our house sold just 4 weeks after implementing Brigitte?s suggestions.” S.T, Valcluse, Sydney

“You will be pleased to know that I am sleeping much better! I have ordered some dark brown curtains, to cover the window at night. In the meantime I am using a dark brown blanketto cover the blinds at the window at night. Since I covered up the window with the blanket I seem to be sleeping much better too! Many thanks for your great help!!” A.K. Melbourne, VIC

“This current house is feeling better. I have some lovely fire colours in my bedroom – let go of the green/blue- so am very pleased there. I also have a little fountain in the kitchen – it seems to really have changed the energy.” S. Melbourne, VIC

“my house has changed dramatically” D.N. Castle Hill, NSW

“I’m really pleased we secured your services before proceeding. I think the space will be far nicer and more practical.” J.B., Sydney, NSW

“Thank you for all your assistance, we have implemented some changes and are beginning to feel much better about the new configuration.” D.G. Hawthorn, VIC

“I was very pleased with the work you did on my home/business… It’s funny how subtle most of the changes were yet people have commented many times since on the ‘nice feel’ my place has… AlsoI have noticed that I am much less tired in front of my computer since I changed the room around and I get a window view out of it as well…” D.C., Sydney

“I rearranged my office space this morning, I started at 8am and I am not finished yet, but it is already working.” John, ACT

“People have commented many times since on the ‘nice feel’ my place has… Also I have noticed that I am much less tired in front of my computer since I changed the room around and I get a window view out of it as well…” Melissa, Sydney

“Dear Brigitte, Since you have done the Feng Shui in our house, things have become much better. We have created a comfortable and beautiful office for our business and my husband and I love it. We spend so much more time in it and therefore get so much more done. But best of all, we don’t fight any more like we did in the old office space. We are really excited about our new space and feel very comfortable and settled in it. We had done a lot of furniture moving in the past, but it never felt right or cosy, now it does. I never believed Feng Shui could make a big difference, but it can and does, especially if one doesn’t feel good about a house, like I or we did. Feng Shui has made our space much more liveable and we enjoy living in it since we found the answers we have been looking for. Thank you.” A & G, ACT

“The energy in here is HEAPS better. – Oh, by the way, we made ‘gains’ in the bedroom straight away and it has continued since then. Ah hah, yahoo……… I have relaxed more and feel more calmness. My room feels much more peaceful. I’ve been working each day and it’s been relatively easy. My new desk area feels good. My energy has definitely increased as a result of the changes.”

P., Sydney

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