Do you have a Feng Shui Problem

Some issues with family harmony, health, productivity, ability to concentrate can be caused by the building.

The environment is one of the influences that shape our lives. There is also your personality and your daily choices and actions. Any of these can give you a problem and make life more difficult.

Feng Shui problems are those created by our environments, usually by inadvertently activating negative energies.

Some Feng Shui problems are easy spot and begin with a move into a new space, or after a major renovation.

  • Does your home or a room just not feel right?
  • Do you have sleeping problems in a particular room?
  • Are you getting sick more often?
  • Do you feel easily irritated and just can’t relax in your home?
  • Are you unable to concentrate and don’t get results, although you work at it?

There may be other reasons for this, but you could inadvertently be activating negative Feng Shui energies. You may be battling uphill against your environment.

Only with the knowledge of the unique energy distribution of your place, will you know whether you are in fact activating negative or positive influences.

Photo by Stephen di Donato on Unsplash

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