Tiny House Feng Shui – workshop


Early bird price $88 expires Jan 26, 2022


2 x 1.5 hr sessions, incl. PDF course notes

DATES (2022): Feb 3 & 10, 7-8:30pm

Create a Tiny house that fits You,
rather than fit yourself into a tiny space:


  • make your tiny feel spacious and balanced,
  • avoid common Tiny design issues,
  • achieve harmonious spaces and comfort within a tiny footprint.


Feng Shui is about collecting positive environmental energy and making it available to you so you can function at your best.

This hands-on workshop addresses common tiny house problems and assist you in making your tiny not just look good but also feel right. Topics include:

  • Yin Yang balance
  • harmonious layout of spaces
  • sacred geometry proportions
  • window and doors
  • shapes and materials

The workshop is taught in 2 x 1.5 hour segments live online via Zoom, the two sessions being one week apart. You will need paper and pen for sketching. Grid paper is helpful. You are encouraged to engage in the design of your tiny in the week between, which allows us to address the issues you run into. PDF handouts will be sent out after each session. For more information, click here.


The facilitator, Brigitte, is a professional Feng Shui consultant and specialises in how to make buildings come to life. She has designed and build a tiny house that successfully incorporates above principles in a small space.


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