Yin Yang Balance – workshop

2 x 1.5 hr

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Yin & Yang balance  for energy, support & wellbeing

  • The most powerful Feng Shui tool:
  • Radiant Yang areas for energy & money,
  • Yin areas for health, wellbeing & relationships. 


Early bird price available til May 22.
This course is also available for groups on demand.


Good Feng Shui involves a dynamic balance between Yin and Yang. You will learn what it means for a home to have this balance.

Yin are the nurturing energies we tap into when we are resting, sleeping, meditating, reading or in quiet conversation... Its focus is inward. It is responsible for health & relationships.
Yang is the active principle that connects us to the world through activities, play, work and projects... Its focus is outward. It is responsible for income and wealth.

Many modern homes are out of balance. Many are too Yang, making it hard for us to really rest and recharge, which in the end, if you are exhausted, will affect your wealth as well.

In this workshop, learn how to create:

  • radiant Yang spaces for your particular activities - work & play,
  • workspaces that help you focus & be productive
  • Yin spaces for relaxation, reading & good communication...
  • bedrooms where you can recharge & sleep well
  • balanced & harmonious layouts


The workshop is taught in 2 x 1.5 hour segments live online via Zoom, the two sessions being one week apart. You will need paper and pen for sketching. You are encouraged to think about how you can apply what you have learnt in the week between, which allows us to address any issues you run into. PDF handouts will be sent out after each session.


The facilitator, Brigitte Seum from Soulspace, is one of Australia’s leading Feng Shui consultants. She combines skills in Feng Shui, building biology and living architecture to assist people in creating spaces with soul that are balanced, alive and in harmony with nature.  

She teaches Feng Shui fundamentals and conducts consultations, assisting people to optimise their existing homes or businesses or to design new ones. 


[image: Stephany Harvey on unsplash]


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