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I am available for presentations and speaking engagements on demand.

I have put together a thought-provoking presentation about how to create life-supporting buildings. I am available as a guest speaker to present this (or a tailor-made version for a particular group) at various events or functions.

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How to Create Life-supporting Buildings

My purpose is to provoke people to take a look at how their homes and workspaces may have a feedback effect on the quality of their lives, positively or negatively. We then address how to create spaces that feel alive and support their energy levels, health and wellbeing – with focus on principlese that make their buildings more harmonious and balanced – some of which can be immediately applied by the listener.

My presentation follows the trail life energy as manifest in a building both from a scientific and traditional Chinese approach. It is based on my 20-year research into traditional Feng Shui and Chinese medicine, Building Biology (the study of life supporting buildings), science and the human spirit.


[Image: Kari Shea on unsplash]

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