Buildings that feel right

We assist you in creating soulful buildings.

A soulful building is radiant and alive
and supports your health and wellbeing.
It has good Feng Shui and is a space that is you.

It is a building where you feel energised, comfortable and at home,
– a space that fits you, rather than having to fit yourself into.

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For Homes, Offices & Workspaces

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call Brigitte on 0403 366 100

Feng Shui is excellent when design, placement and colours are in harmony
with the unique energies present in a building.

A good building utilises positive energies. It has:

  • bedrooms that support your health and wellbeing,
  • workspaces that help you be productive,
  • and avoids design elements that can leave you feeling irritated or drained.

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Testimonials from our Clients


I am going to give credit to the new & better energies in & around my home after your visit. I hope that I will continue to reap the benefits of your visit in the coming year Brigitte, because if this last 2 months since you have been is anything to go by, I am going to have a great year

T.D. of Croydon, Melbourne

Thank you so much for the consultation – you certainly gave us a lot to think about. We were very inspired on Saturday and spent the whole evening moving furniture around until midnight! We still have a lot more to do but we were immediately very thrilled with the results – an instant transformation.

Alice, Melbourne

After failing to sell our home, we called on Soulspace to see if Feng Shui imbalances were the problem. Brigitte identified key areas that were a concern and provided easy solutions that we could implement straight away. We were over the moon when our house sold 4 weeks later

S.T. of Valcluse, Sydney

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The Year of the Dragon – 2024

The Year of the Dragon – 2024

Ready for the ride? 

Not only are we at the beginning of a new 20-year Feng Shui period, Period 9. On February 10, with the Chinese New Year, we are moving into the Year of the Dragon! 

A Dragon is volatile and unpredictable. It can shake things up and rock foundations.

Period 9 – Wealth Energy Update

Period 9 – Wealth Energy Update

A huge change is about to occur with our buildings! The old wealth energy (#8) is going to retire, and the new ruling energy (#9) is going to take its place. This primarily affects life force and abundance. Wealth in Feng Shui is Yang. It’s the life force that comes...

Love & Wisdom

Love & Wisdom

The WATER Element Love & wisdom seem to be of rather short supply in this crazy fractured world of ours - at least on the big stage. We can however focus on nurturing these qualities in our personal lives and homes.  In Feng Shui and traditional Chinese medicine,...

Who is Soulspace?

Brigitte Seum – Feng Shui Consultant

Brigitte is one of Australia’s leading Feng Shui practitioners. She has been a Feng Shui professional for Soulspace since 1999. She is traditionally trained in Feng Shui, the Tao, building biology and permaculture, and consistently provides incredible results.

She assist people in creating buildings and landscapes that are alive, beautiful, balanced, healthy and that are right for each person – where they can feel nurtured and at home.

  • AFSC (Int Association of Feng Shui Consultants) Professional Member
  • FSRC (Feng Shui Research Centre) Senior Practitioner


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