Healthy Building Materials

Many buildings end up with dead indoor air, often much more polluted than outside air.

Healthy air electricity is destroyed with synthetic surfaces; often chemicals used in surfaces and furnishings outgas into the air we breathe, with even natural materials such as wood covered in synthetic resins.  

The trouble with many conventional building materials

Building materials and surfaces can be responsible for a range of respiratory and immune system problems.

  • May outgas toxic substances such as formaldehyde,
  • Cannot regulate humidity and may foster mould growth,
  • Destroy healthy air electricity,
  • May alter the natural life-supporting magnetic fields. 

A healthy building

A healthy building is toxin-free and is built with natural unaltered materials. It smells as good as clean outside air, is able to regulate humidity and filter out harmful substances. Natural fields are preserved and it is a joy to spend time in such a space.

Recommended finishes and materials will be published here shortly.

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