Feng Shui Energies

The quality of Feng Shui Energies can make the difference between a great and a dull building; a healthy bedroom and one that can make you sick.

Why is one home inviting – you feel at home and want to stay? Why is another – even looking similar – cold and dull and you are not comfortable? The key differences are their Feng Shui energies.

Each building has a unique energy blueprint orlocation of the various types of energies. This determines its feel.

With knowledge of a building’s individual Feng Shui energies, we can let in the most radiant life force and locate the best areas for sleep and wellbeing. Feng Shui energies further inform us how to best utilise and decorate each room, colours and décor to enhance its positive potentials and reduce the impact of any negative influences.

Feng Shui and Time

The most advanced and effective system of Feng Shui is the Flying Star system. It analyses the changing (flying) energies a building is subject to over time.

Nothing stays the same. Even if you kept an old building painted and freshly decorated, it would change over time. Some would lose their original radiance; other would gain in character and life force in different time periods – all depending on their energy chart and layout.

Significant Feng Shui energy changes occur every 20 years. The 20 year period in which a building was built or refurbished determines its basic energy chart. This is when ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ energies were locked together in a particular combination.

Every 20 years, the effect of a building’s energies on us changes. The current period 8 began in February 2004. The wealth energy is the #8 Yang energy. This will come into the building from one of the eight compass directions (different in each case). After 2024, the #9 energy in a different direction will be the radiant wealth energy. Time can have a significant effect on the building’s radiance and occupants wellbeing.

Compass Feng Shui

The compass direction is the other factor that goes into calculating the energy chart for a building. In Flying Star Feng Shui the compass is divided into twenty-four 15 degree sections. To construct an accurate energy chart, we need to establish the exact compass orientation of the building, e.g. the 15-degree section it is facing.

A Feng Shui energy chart tells us what types of energies come into the building from the different compass directions, where the positive energies are located today (in this 20 year period) and how to best activate and use them.

There are altogether 144 different possible energy charts, which then interact with the individual layout of a building.

Feng Shui and Layout

A building’s layout can make a big difference. Let’s consider two buildings built in the same period and facing the same direction, ie. with the same energy blueprint: One has the front door where the wealth energy comes from, the other has a solid wall there and the front door to the side, where the energy is negative.

The difference between these two building would be like night and day! One would be radiant, the other heavy or irritating.

Besides the front door, another important factor is the quality of energy in the bedrooms. Even with an identical chart, there is a big difference if the master bedroom is with the lovely #8 energy supporting health and wellbeing, and another where the bedroom is located in a negative area.

The Type of Energies

There are 9 types of Feng Shui energies, each with a Yin and Yang component. Each displays a distinct characteristic and influence us – but only to the degree that they are activated in a particular design. In the current period, 2004 – 2023, the important energies are:

# 8 is the prominent and most powerful energy. It is most gentle, bringing steady progress, “wealth” and support for good relationships and health.

# 9 is the second best energy. Is enthusiastic and can do lots of good in good combinations but also activate negative combinations;

# 1 stands for wisdom and love, it helps with studies, but it can also indicate divorce when under attack.

Following energies are mainly negative and need to be kept in check in period 8. Each energy can be located anywhere:

# 2 can contribute to sickness but can be successfully used by people in the health professions to help heal such energies.

# 5 can be a cruel ‘tyrant’ to can wreck havoc and mishap in many ways. Its emperor energy can be used by a very strong leader but requires solid ethics to be used successfully.

Confidence to get it right

Working with Feng Shui energies is not just knowing energy numbers in a direction. Energies interact with a building’s layout and usage, and only some of them are active. Others are distributed throughout a space via pathways.

To activate the best energy potential of a building, a Feng Shui analysis is recommended. It can save you time and money involved with inadvertently activating the wrong energies.

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