Feng Shui Colours and Interiors

Colour can make or break a space. It can make a room radiant and comfortable, or irritating and dull. It needs to be in harmony with the natural energies of an area.

Harmonious colours feel right. Feng Shui colours are selected to be in harmony with the natural energies of each room. Wrong colours can be irritating as they are in disharmony with the building. They can activate negative energies and influences.

The purpose of Feng Shui interior decorating and colour schemes and is to enhance the best energies of a building and neutralise any negative potential.

You cannot get the right colour schemes out of a book. Each building is unique – with an individual combination of different types of energies in each room. I analyse the existing energies during a Feng Shui consultation and determine individual colour schemes in harmony with this.

Feng Shui Colours

Each of the energies present in your home or office belongs to a Feng Shui element. Feng Shui Elements are the various manifestation of life energy. They give each section of a house its unique feel and potential. For each element, there is a range of colours that support and strengthen it, and there are colours that weaken or irritate it.

In each building you get the whole spectrum of energies: there is a number of very positive, some neutral and some negative energies. We strengthen the positive and reduce the effect of negative energies through the use of right colours and shapes.

Right colours will enhance the beautiful energies and facilitate vibrancy and harmony. With wrong colours, people get easily irritated and there will be more tensions and conflict – even if the space looks superficially beautiful – as it is not in harmony with its underlying energies.

Feng Shui Interior design

When decorating with Feng Shui, we are looking for furniture placement that gives you most support and makes the most radiant energies available to you.

If you can sit or sleep within good energies, you will be able to really relax, communicate well, focus and concentrate. During a Feng Shui consultation, I identify the important interior design elements such as:

  • Best location for the various activities and people;
  • Ideal pathways and partitions;
  • Ideal location for beds, desks, lounges,
  • Best type of furnishings for each area.

With Feng Shui colours and interiors, an area does not just look good but will also feel right.

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