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Inside or Outside the Curve
  • Posted 16th Jun 2017

Inside or Outside the Curve

Where would you select the position of a property on a curved road (or along a curved river)? On the in- or outside of the curve?

The Feng Shui principle is, that houses on the inside of a curve are protected and nurtured by the road/river, and that houses on the outside are attacked by it. Though, when considering whether to take a Feng Shui principle on board, it’s a good idea to check whether it makes sense. 

In this case, this principle arrived from a time when there were no roads and people built their dwellings alongside rivers – which just as roads today, served as channels of transport. 

What they observed - in the case of any extra current in the river - is that the river breaks its banks along the outside of the curve! In the case of flooding, the outside area is the first affected and buildings on the outside are such ‘attacked’ by the out-breaking river. The potentially dangerous influence of the water is to the outside. 

On the other hand, the bank on the inside is much more stable and maintains its shape over a long period of time. A house inside the curve is protected within it and can benefit from the positive water energy. 

The same principle applies to roads. Imagine cars travelling along a curve: If a car travels too fast, it breaks out of the outside of the curve – it would fly out of the road across its outer edge. 

I have seen homes in that situation. They have had cars land in their front yard, had their fences run down by a break-away car, or had to build a brick wall to feel safe in that position– and even then felt somewhat edgy 

On the other hand, homes on the inside of a curve, even if the traffic is heavy, feel safe and protected from it.

Along a curved road, choosing a property on the inside of a curve is important, especially if there is fast or through traffic. This contributes to the home being able to give you the support and relaxation you desire.