As a Feng Shui and Healthy Building Consultant I aim to create a building filled with vibrant healthy energy and life force, while avoiding any destructive influences.

A good home facilitates communication, restful sleep, health and vitality. A good business premise is filled with radiant life force – wealth energy, and has its staff and their activities supported.

80% of good Feng Shui is achieved through aligning the building’s physical features and placement with its unique intangible energies or feel – through proper placement of stillness and activity according to its unique energy chart.

We select positive Yin energy to support people where they spend time, positive Yang to bring radiant life force into the building and also reduce any potentially negative influences.

Feng Shui & Healthy Building Consultations

Home Feng Shui: To trouble-shoot, make the best of and improve existing buildings. Options are home improvement consultations, pre-purchase/pre-lease consultations, getting a home ready for sale, as well as remote consultations.

Feng Shui Design: For new buildings, renovations & refurbishments – the ideal time to apply Feng Shui. It guarantees the building to be filled with the most radiant energies and a stress-free environment. Services include selecting a site, the best design package, designing from scratch, renovations and refurbishments – for homes and commercial buildings.

Business Feng Shui: To optimise the wealth/business potential of a premise and provide the best possible support to a business and its people. Services include pre-purchase/pre-lease consultations, troubleshooting existing premises, renovations & refurbishment and building design.

Healthy Materials and Interiors: To help you troubleshoot materials and interior factors that may contribute to a building creating negative health impacts in the occupants, and to recommend interiors that support the life energy in the building.

Electro-smog & Earth energies: To locate and remediate negative influences from electromagnetic radiation and harmful earth energies. Services include an electro-smog assessment and geopathic stress assessment. 

Levels of Consultations

A Basic Feng Shui consultation addresses the big picture. It is designed to maximise the best possible energies available in a building. It harmonises form and colour schemes, placement and usage with the site. It covers each room and occupant and is the foundation of a good building. It gives us the majority of Feng Shui benefits.

Fine Tuning Consultation builds on this foundation. This is when you have lived for a while with Basic Feng Shui adjustments. Life is about gradual change. Feng Shui Fine Tuning is about tweaking individual areas and applying the fine strokes within a building. It also addresses any remaining issues and concerns.

This is available after you had an initial consultation for home or business. Prices depend on what is required and depend on the situation. Please contact me if you are interested.

An Annual Update looks at Feng Shui triggers that may occur over the year and how to protect against these. It can only be applied after a Basic Consultation as adjustments can cause disturbances unless they are in harmony with the overall Feng Shui of a building.

Confidence to get it Right

A building should feel great and be right for its purpose. Feng Shui recommendations are individual to your needs and unique to your property.

Articles & Updates

Tiny Soulspaces

Tiny Soulspaces

I had explored the idea of tiny houses for a while but had found many quite constrained, often with linearly aligned functions akin to being on a railway platform. I wanted to achieve an overall sense of space, as well as a series of functionally distinct areas that could contain each activity without feeling constrained within it. 

Year of the Rat – Annual Update 2020

Year of the Rat – Annual Update 2020

The Year of the Rat - Annual Update 2020 Chinese New Year We use two calendars in Feng Shui and Chinese metaphysics. One is a lunar, the other a solar calendar. Together, they track the intricacies of time and energies affecting spaces and events....

A Harmonious Family Room

A Harmonious Family Room

Why most of us don't get the relaxation we really need in a typical family room. An open plan family area is where most of us spend our time when at home. This is where we hang out, eat, work, play, do social media, surf the net or watch TV. Most...

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