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Colours and Shapes – from $280

Find out which colours and shapes make your space feel good.

Each colour and each shape belong to a particular Feng Shui element. For example, greens belong to the Wood element, triangles are Fire, spheres are Metal, and so forth. The way we bring desired elements into a room is through furnishings, objects and artwork – or painting walls if desired. The colours and shapes that make a room feel good are those that are in harmony with the subtle energies of the room and that enhance existing positive potentials. Each room’s energies are unique and based on the building’s design and energy chart.

If colours are wrong, a room’s decor is in disharmony. It won’t feel good nor be as comfortable as it could be, and you would be more likely to experience irritation. Wrong colour schemes can also inadvertently activate negative energies.


Colours and Shapes Report

A colours and shape report will guide you when decorating, furnishing or selecting art works. It does not involve a site visit and gives you some benefits of a Feng Shui analysis without a full consultation. It will give you the elements that result in the best look and feel for each room, including:

  • Colours for feature walls, doors and trims (if desired)
  • Best shapes and colours for furniture and decor
  • Soft furnishings that will enhance the feel of each room
  • Guidance as to what art work to hang where – you can send me pictures of the artworks you have.

The purpose of this report is to match the colours and shapes of your objects and decor with the energies of your home. The results are harmonious, balanced and comfortable spaces.

To conduct the consultation, I will need: 

  • Your address;
  • The 20-year period in which the building was built. If there have been major renovations, additions or refurbishments, also the period of the addition. Periods are: …, 1904-1923; 1924-1943; 1944-1963; 1964-1983; 1984-2003; after 2004.
  • scaled floor plan (it can be hand drawn, but needs to be to scale).

Confidence to get it right

Brigitte Seum, is the senior consultant for Soulspace, with professional experience since 1999. She provides professional Feng Shui consultations in Melbourne and conducts remote Feng Shui analysis anywhere in the world.

Image: jens-behrmann on unsplash.com

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