Business Pre Purchase Consultation

Most IMPORTANT: the quality of energy coming into the entrance determines the life force, the ‘wealth energy’ available to the business.

Business Pre-purchase/ Pre-lease consultation – from $280

The quality of energy at the entrance is the ONE Feng Shui factor that can make or break a business, making the pre-lease/ pre-purchase consultation the most important consultation for a business!

If the energy at the entrance is positive, people will carry this energy in and your premise will be filled with postive potential. If this is negative it can make your whole premise dull and create drama and work difficulties.

For a business a Feng Shui check is even more crucial than for a home as it receives its energy generally only from one direction.

The Purpose of a Feng Shui Check

We aim to eliminate any of the properties that cannot be ‘made good’ for business and would create ongoing struggles. We understand that no premise is ever 100% perfect and that you have personal requirements and other pressures.

In the pre-purchase consultation, we make sure that a proposed premise has the potential to be made right for your situation. You will get a summary report detailing the most important energies and their implications. If you go ahead with the purchase, we recommend a full consultation to help you determine right placement, colours and decor that will enhance its best energies.


  • Remote, from $280 for premises up to 100m2. Please contact me for a quote for larger premises.

For the remote service, your proposed property needs to be visible on Google Maps. This enables us to get its exact compass orientation. We reserve the right to not provide this analysis if this measurement is borderline. Please contact me and I will send you an invoice.

  • Onsite: from $420 for premises up to 100m2. Please contact me for a quote for larger premises. Properties more that 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

You will receive a written summary report, and if needed on the spot verbal, report via phone or email. This will outline the main features and energies of this property.

Fees will be deducted from a later business consultation, should you decide to purchase this property.

To conduct the pre-purchase consultation, we will need:

  1. The address of the proposed property;
  2. The 20-year period in which the building was built, or if there have been major renovations, additions or refurbishments, the period this occurred. Periods are: …, 1904-1923; 1924-1943; 1944-1963; 1964-1983; 1984-2003; after 2004.
  3. A floor plan.
  4. The purpose/ nature of the business.

Confidence to get it Right

Brigitte Seum, is the senior consultant for Soulspace, with professional experience since 1999. She provides professional Feng Shui consultations in Melbourne and conducts remote Feng Shui analysis anywhere in the world.

A pre-purchase Feng Shui check will give you certainty that your new business premises have the potential to support you and your endeavours.

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