Buildings & Health

Some health issues caused or made worse by buildings, can be handled with Feng Shui, others with the skills of Building Biology.

There are times when the reasons for environmental disease and discomfort fall within the scope of Feng Shui. Nevertheless, there are also times when such disease is caused by a different building aspect. It is important to handle all building-related health issues.

Building Biology

Building Biology is the discovery and handling of factors that may cause a sick building, and hence a compromised immune systems and sickness in people. These include the exposure to electro-smog, chemicals, mould and mycotoxins, as well as the effect of detrimental earth energies. 

Sadly, these factors are increasing with the use of modern building practices and materials. Due to environmental concerns, we now build airtight spaces that lack ventilation. As a consequence, our level of indoor air pollution, both at home and in workspaces, is often many times greater as the outside air – even in heavily polluted cities. Additionally, we are exposed to an increasing array of electromagnetic radiation, which can pose further strain on our bodies. 

How homes and workspaces may be contributing to ill health is still ignored. Consequently, some people end up on a merry-go-round of recurring or lingering health problems whose cause is not addressed. Diseases such as allergies, fatigue, infertility, and even cancers are on an alarming increase and may be at least contributed to by our living environments.

My personal experience of this was a roller coaster ride of exhaustion and fatigue, which was improving through repeated cleanses and immune strengthening regimes, but kept worsening again without apparent cause. It was only after identifying and handling a not so obvious problem with mycotoxins in our home that I could get on top of this issue.

Healthy Home Consultations

While finishing my Building Biology qualifications I offer healthy home assessments at low student rates. The goal of a these consultations is to identify any reasons for a ‘sick’ home help you create a space, in which you can fully relax and recharge.

Electro-smog assessment

Heavy electro-smog – a by-product of electric wiring, electricity and mobile communication technologies – tends to compromise immune function. It can cause ongoing symptoms such as sleep problems, fatigue and exhaustion, headaches, and behavioural issues in children, as well as serious immune disfunction in the long run. It tends to manifest where your body is weakest.

It is particularly important to create relatively electro-smog-free bedrooms, so we can actually rest and recharge and then handle the remaining influences of our modern world during the rest of the day, which can be generally be achieved in various ways.

Damp & Mould

A surprisingly large number of people in our society are afflicted by fungal disease and mycotoxin, a toxic by-product of mould. A large number of buildings, new and old, are affected by mould growth, which is not always visible. Extreme exhaustion, skin, digestive and respiratory symptoms are common effects of this.

I will help you devise a plan of action in order to create and maintain a healthy and mould-free environment.

Geopathic Stress

From time memorial, people were attuned to the forces of the earth. Aboriginees had the dreaming. In the West, places of worship where place on strong earth energies, and the art of locating water through dowsing has been established around the globe.

These forces have since been confirmed and measured with scientific meters. Wherever there are disturbances in the Earth, such as from underground water courses or earth fault lines, there is a change in the level of natural electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is generally necessary for life and healthy, but when it is disturbed, it has been correlated with disease.

Locating and remedying such disturbances will create a more peaceful environment. This is particularly important for bedrooms.

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