Our buildings have a feedback effect us. In a good building, we feel and function better, in a bad one, we are more likely to experience stress and disease and life is more of an uphill battle. A good building enables people to be focused and centred, to rest and recharge, and it gives them energy to pursue their activities.

Good buildings are filled with vibrant life force, life’s animating force also known as Prana, Qi and Élan vital. We each possess varying amounts of personal life force, which helps us live, express ourselves and maintain health and wellbeing. The amount depends on hereditary factors, lifestyle, personal outlook and actions. 

Personal life force may be enhanced or reduced by the quality of life energy present in our environments and buildings. Soulspace Feng Shui seeks to optimise this environmental energy, to make it easier for us to rest, to recharge, work and function, to make life easier for us.


Feng Shui and a Building’s Life Force

To achieve a building that is alive and harmonious, there are three factors need to work together. First, there are the people using the building. There is no one-size-fits-all building. To feel at home - in a living building, each person’s, business’ or family’s space needs to be personalised and reflect their way of life. During a consultation, we explore each person’s responses to the various facets of the building as well as their patterns of function. 

Second, there are the environmental energies addressed through traditional Feng Shui methods. With these, we are able to fill a place with beautiful tangible and intangible energies and optimise each area for its function. We explore this through the form and compass tools of Feng Shui and optimise the building through design, placement, usage, colours and decor.

Thirdly, there are man-made factors that can affect the health and wellbeing of people in a building. These include the quality of indoor air, the air’s life force, and the natural radiation environment of the Earth, which can get disturbed through types of materials and furnishings used and through electromagnetic fields from electricity and mobile communication. A step by step approach to improving is one of Soulspace services.