Geopathic Stress Assessment from $480

Geopathic Stress affects people. It is caused by irregularities in the Earth's energy field - through underground water courses, large earthworks or fault lines. Since time being, such disturbances have been associated with illness and disease, particularly if a bed is located above them.                                

From time memorial, people were attuned to the forces of the Earth. Aborigines had the Dreaming, in the West places of worship where located on strong Earth energies, and the art of finding water through dowsing has long been established around the globe.

A normal level of Earth radiation is necessary for life and health. However, disturbed or excessive Earth radiation is not conducive to people's wellbeing. Bedrooms affected by Geopathic stress have been shown to be correlated with sleep problems and disease.

Locating and remedying such disturbances can help to create a more peaceful environment. This is particularly important for bedrooms. 

This is a standalone service but can also be combined with a Feng Shui consultation.



Prices are $480 for assessment of Geopathic stress in a home of up to 3 bedrooms, $580 for larger homes. This covers the basic assessment (2.5/3.5hrs respectively) and general remediation.

Should more extensive remediation be required that will be charged on an hourly basis of $150/hr. 

Properties more than 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

During the Geopathic stress assessment, various types of possible disturbances will be analysed and reduced or eliminated where possible. You will receive a map summarising disturbances found and remedied.