Electro-smog assessment from $360

Our world is filled with electricity, electronic gadgets and wireless communication technologies that have an effect on bodies and biological systems.

Our cells communicate electrically. Constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation(EMR) can affect cell communication and weaken body defense systems. Effects vary from person to person. Common problems are insomnia, fatigue and exhaustion, headaches, ringing in the ears, as well as concentration, behavioural and learning difficulties.

EMR effects tend to accumulate over time and generally only prolonged exposure may contribute to a variety of health issues. For this reason, we advocate a preventative/ precautionary approach to keep EMR exposure to a minimum - while enjoying the technological benefits of our world.


Staying on top of electromagnetic radiation

In most cases, we are able to create relatively electro-smog free areas where you sleep or spend a lot of time, allowing you to rest and recharge. This can be achieved through elimination, substitution and sometimes shielding. There are also products with observably positive effects that are able to transform harmful radiation into biological beneficial radiation.

An electro-smog assessment will give you important knowledge of any potentially dangerous source of EMR and peace of mind.


Types of electro-smog

The types of electromagnetic disturbances are: 

  • Magnetic Fields: from overhead or underground power lines, transformers and appliances.
  • Electric Fields: from internal wiring as well as power lines, including Dirty Electricity.
  • Radio Frequency/ Microwave Radiation: from mobile phone towers, wireless and smart technology, microwave ovens and Smart Meters.

I use high-quality equipment to measure above fields in your building and body. 



Prices are $360 for 1& 2 BR apartments, and $480 for freestanding homes and large apartments up to 4 bedrooms, and $40 for additional bedrooms. Properties more than 25km from the CBD will attract extra travelling charges.

If conducted in combination with a Feng Shui consultation, 20% discounts will apply.

During the consultation, you will receive an information booklet, a summary of findings and an action plan compiled on site.



An EMR assessment is only as good as it provides solutions to any potential exposure. My aim is the creation of low EMR spaces in your bedrooms and in areas where you spend a lot of time. This may be possible through the removal or substitution of the EMR source, through the isolation of bedroom electrical circuits, through relocation of beds/rooms, and sometimes through shielding or products able to transform radiation.