The Feng Shui of a building can be important when selling the property as an increasing number of buyers are Feng Shui aware.


Soulspace Feng Shui Certificate

A Feng Shui Certificate is available for buildings designed with the help of Soulspace and for those with naturally good Feng Shui. The certificate warrants that the building is the best it can be within the constraints of the block. 

It is assessed with advanced classical Feng Shui methods and includes a detailed report detailing the: 

  • Flow of energy (Qi) is through the building; 
  • Quality of life force, the business/wealth potential of the building;
  • Quality of energy in the living areas;
  • Quality of health supporting energies in the bedrooms;
  • Building specific features.

In a Feng Shui designed or otherwise good building, people and their activities are supported by positive environmental energy. Such buildings don’t just look good, but also feel right.


The service consists 1) of a standard Feng Shui analysis if your home has not been designed by Soulspace. (This is not necessary for buildings designed with Soulspace) And 2) or a report outlining the energetic and Qi flow qualities of the building. 

Prices depend on time involved and are charged at $150/hr (from $260 for the report only/single story).



Soulspace Feng Shui certificate