Ready for the ride?

Not only are we beginning a new 20-year Feng Shui period, Period 9, we are also entering the Year of the Dragon with the Lunar New Year on February 10, 2024.


A Dragon is volatile and unpredictable. It may shake things up and rock foundations – personally, socially, financially and politically.

It is majestic and symbolises charisma, luck and success. It is adventurous and fearless, has vision, intelligence, enthusiasm and confidence. As the only mystical animal in the Chinese zodiac. It is magical and powerful – not rivalled by any earthly creature. 

The Dragon comprises the backdrop and overall flavour of this year. It is not something we can control. We can however, work on developing some of the qualities of the Dragon, be positive in our personal choices and actions, and create supportive environments with Feng Shui.


What Normal?

Life is a constant swing between Yin and Yang, constant to and fro. We are always negotiating a path amidst the tension of wanting to keep things predictable and our need for change. 

We are likely to be challenged this year. A Dragon year can be explosive and pull the rug from under life. The 2024 Dragon brings the WOOD element. WOOD fuels the FIRE of the new #9 period and will accelerates new growth and change. 

Imagine riding a Dragon. It’s fast, fun and adventurous, big and furious, even out of this world. We may need to let go and allow the Dragon to do its magic.


How to Ride the Dragon

How to deal with the anxiety and stress of a tumultuous and uncertain Dragon year?

It’s not meant to be comfortable. Don’t expect too much of yourself or to be on top of it all. 

The Dragon year will bring opportunity for fundamental metamorphosis, to sweep out old beliefs and habits, and to create the new and align your life more with your authentic self. There is always a mess first when you clean house. 

You can meditate and focus on what really matters to you. Try to embrace the spirited and adventurous Dragon by being curious about what this ride may bring. Be present and just deal with whatever emerges in front of you.


Set Your Compass – the Human Aspect of Feng Shui

Focus creates reality. Set your intentions. What was it that really matters to you?

This incidentally is what we consider the Human aspect in Feng Shui. It is a mental attitude and state of mind that creates reality.

Drop into the centre of the storm and focus on the qualities for your life that are important to you. This will not only help you deal with what is in front of you, but will literally open doors in the right directions, even if you don’t know yet what it is going to look like.

Be gentle with and trust yourself and the universe. Be open, fluid, roll with the punches. Be present, enjoy the ride and smile!


And use the tools of Feng Shui to create a nurturing environment and personal cushion of comfort and harmony. Let me know if I can assist. 


Image: Huangshunping on unsplash

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