A huge change is about to occur with our buildings!

The old wealth energy (#8) is going to retire, and the new ruling energy (#9) is going to take its place. This primarily affects life force and abundance.

Wealth in Feng Shui is Yang. It’s the life force that comes to a building from the outside that can make a place feel great. The #9 comes from an entirely different direction than the retiring #8 – a direction individual to a building. This means a substantial change in the quality of life force in our buildings – for the better or worse.

For me, this is the second time such change occurs as a Feng Shui consultant – the last one was in 2004, early in my career. This last change had us enter into an entirely different era and quality of buildings. It’s such exciting times again, but can be unsettling. It’s good to be prepared and stay on top of the change.

Secondary Effect of 20-year Ruler: Neutralise Negative Influences

The secondary effect of a respective ruling energy is that it is able to neutralise negative potentials. These always exist somewhere in a building and can make you more prone to sickness or other negative events. 

Having the ruling energy circulating, is like having a good constitution – you won’t get affected when some viruses come along – potential harmful influences can be neutralised and negative potentials kept in check.

How this can occur in a building will also change with the change of ruler.


What Happens with the Change of Period

On February 5, 2024, we will enter a new 20-year Feng Shui period, Period 9 (2024-2043) – based on advanced Flying Star Feng Shui. This means:

  • Buildings completed in period 9 will get a period 9 energy chart. The quality of the #9 is much more flamboyant – the #8 of the last 20 years had been much more conservative. New buildings will feel entirely different.

In a new building, the radiant #9 Yang will either be at the front or back from where it is fairly straight forward to let it in with good layout & design.


  • Existing buildings will keep their charts and basic character. However, they are affected by this change as their charts are now interpreted in relation to the new Period 9 parameters.

Unfortunately, many buildings will get more tired in Period 9. Particularly many Period 8 buildings that have been radiant may lose their shine, unless adjusted.

To maintain their vitality and wealth potential the #9 (and/or #1) needs to be let in and activated. This may involve opening a door or window, or creating a pathway in the #9’s direction.


Nevertheless, there are also buildings that will in fact get better. It depends on their existing energy chart. 

Personally, I’m lucky. The current #8 wealth energy has been pretty much stuck in the back wall of my N-facing period 8 home, whereas the #9 is at the main facade and front door. I’m looking forward to that change.


How to Keep Your Building Relevant in Period 9

As the #8 loses its power it will be like an old king who may only have status left. It will be the #9 that can make things happen. To ensure your building stays relevant we need to activate the #9, or at least its deputy, the #1. We need to:

  1. locate the #9 (and #1) life energy (via the Flying Star chart of your building). This is individual to a building – based on its orientation and construction period.
  2. let the #9 (and #1) into the building via a door or large window, or activate it with a pathway, and
  3. enhance this new wealth energy through right usage and colour schemes. 


Keep in Mind

Just like with the rest of life, nothing is ever black and white. Every building is influenced by a symphony of energies that are modified by its design and usage. 

Applying advanced Feng Shui methods is like conducting this symphony in the best possible way – by shifting it away from negatives towards life supporting influences. Any solution is alway individual to a building and site.

During a Feng Shui analysis we use the individual chart of your building and examine how this interacts with its design and your life there. It’s about you, making the best of your building. Please be in touch if you would like more information or book a consultation (Brigitte 0403 366 100).

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