Creating Soulspaces

Over the last rather quiet years, I’ve been brewing up the next phase of my work with buildings. I’ve been restless with the state of the world, including its buildings.

My goal is to take my Feng Shui practice further and bring soul back into  buildings – to create soulspaces for you, the people living and working within them.

Soul is what’s missing in standardised buildings. They tend to lack individuality and life. Not just that, your home can even add to stress, inability to focus, relax or sleep.

I’ve come to realise that the key to making buildings come to life is not just good Feng Shui, but to also how you bring your creative spirit to the game of their design and layout!

My mission is to bring this creative force back into buildings to create true soulspaces.


What’s a Soulspace

A soulspace is a building that is imbued with life. It is personal, made for you. Like a comfortable piece of clothing, it envelopes the way you live and function. It is like a third skin that you barely notice.

In contrast, think of the standard home – one pretty much the same as every other – with common features to guarantee resale, or showcase buildings made to impress full of ego seeking admiration.

Most of our buildings lack soul and as such are lacking – even with optimised Feng Shui. They are not you but somewhat alien and require you to fit yourself into them instead.


A soulspace is comfortable and right. It is a place that naturally just is. It is different for everyone. It is unassuming and does not need to be admired, but embraces the gyrations of life with ease. It works for you.

We are drawn to the old farmhouse with its rickety doorways and worn timber table, or the whitewashed walls and linen curtains blowing in the wind in an Italian villa. One reason for this is that such places were made with the spirit of the people who lived there. They are alive and vastly different from the buildings that merely try to imitate that look.

A soulspace embodies your life. It is naturally beautiful and in harmony with the energies of heaven & earth, ie it has good Feng Shui. It contains materials that smell good and are pleasant to touch and spread out on.

It is a place where the physical things, the existing energies and our intention come together in an expression that is uniquely you – whether in a room, a home or landscape.


What’s next

I have spent my career gathering skills for the purpose of creating soulspaces – through Feng Shui, the Tao, building biology, permaculture and spiritual architecture which I am now ready to share. I am in the process of developing courses and materials so you can step through the process of creating a living building – watch this space. 

If you are creating or updating a home or workspace, please be in touch. I am happy to assist and provide input to help you create your soulspace. Brigitte Seum, 0403 366 100.

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