Have you tried to work at a place where you felt drained or found it difficult to concentrate? In some spaces you can’t think straight or make too many mistakes, and others where money seems to go out faster than it comes in.

The reasons for this are of course complex, but the Feng Shui of the premise may be one of them. If there is negative Feng Shui, working successfully can be like pushing uphill all the way.

There are three business Feng Shui factors that may be responsible for this. 

Energy at the Entrance

In a business, the quality of Yang energy at the entrance is the number one factor for success, especially in businesses that rely on people traffic such as in hospitality or retail or where many staff enter the building.

There are two positive wealth energies we can utilise in business. We can achieve 80% of good Feng Shui with just one of them at the entrance. As people enter they will bring this in and walk it around the building. The location of these radiant energies is specific to a premise.

It is not black and white though. In some cases we can apply Feng Shui techniques to bring a wealth energy into a premise even if this is not at the entrance. When doing a business pre-lease assessment, I will check the potential for bringing in good Yang.


Harmonious Flow of Qi

The purpose of good Feng Shui is to enable a building to collect positive environmental energy and make it available for people to use. The first step of doing this is via a ‘bright hall’ at its entrance. This may be a defined place outside, a foyer or an entry hall. You don’t want to walk straight into the operations. 

The flow of Qi through internal and external pathways can either help a business or make it difficult by attacking or dispersing positive energies. Energy moves fast through straight pathways and can be destructive. Qi should move through a building in a meandering fashion, like gentle water.


Good Support for People

Next to bringing in wealth energies, good support for people is essential. For good support each person should have back support and connection to those they work with. Clusters of work spaces are often a good solution for this.

Additionally, people should sit with positive Yin energies. Each premise has areas that are beneficial for focus, career and productivity. Our aim is to place people with the type of energy that suits their job, such as a conservative energy for a financial controller, creative energy for the creative team and energies supporting communication for sales.

It is also important to avoid negative Yin. Each premise has areas where no-one should sit, where people tend to get tired, irritated or are unable to concentrate. You should not have any desks in such negative zones but utilise them for your printer or storage.



The energy at the entrance is the most difficult to change, which is why a pre-purchase or pre-lease assessment is highly recommended before you take on a new premise. This can be done remotely. 

Good Qi flow and people support can usually be achieved in the interior design or fitting out stage. This is available remotely or via an on-site consultation.

Brigitte Seum, 0403 366 100.

Image Artem Gavrysh on unsplash.


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