We live in the Earth’s energy field. From time memorial, people were attuned to these Earth forces. Aborigines had the Dreaming, in the West places of worship where located on strong Earth energies, and the art of finding water through dowsing has long been established around the globe. 

A normal level of Earth radiation is necessary for life and health. However, disturbed or excessive Earth radiation is not conducive to people’s wellbeing.  


Geopathic Stress zones are either areas where the energy of the Earth has be disturbed – such as in excavations or quarries, or by irregularities in the Earth’s energy field, which occurs, among others, with fault lines or underground water courses.

You can recognise geopathic stress by observing plant growth and animal behaviour as these are much more in tune with such occurrences. Twisted trees, branches that grow sideway or downwards when they should be going up, there may be gaps in hedges, this is where you find ants and spiders. Cats also like to sit on disturbed Earth energy. 

On the other hand, where cattle, horses and dogs like to spend time you can be sure that these areas are free from Earth disturbances. Healthy lush plant growth is another indication. 


Geopathic stress affects people. Since time being, such disturbances have been associated with illness  – from mild symptoms tight through to cancer. Bedrooms affected by Geopathic stress have been shown to be correlated with sleep problems and disease. Ares with negative Earth energy should best be avoided, or if that is not possible, remedied. As it is impossible for many people to move, there exist now various remedies that seem to be able to harmonise these influences.

Locating and remedying such disturbances can help to create a more peaceful e 

 [image: Brigitte Seum]