Many people suffer from sleep problems. These may be caused by negative environmental influences in the bedroom.

Sleep problems and not feeling refreshed on waking, have become normal for many people. While a number of factors can contribute to this, an often overlooked culprit can be environmental influences. You may have a bedroom that is subject to (often unknown) environmental stressors that disturb sleep and the recharging of your body and mind.

Within Feng Shui and an environmental assessment we can check for negative influences in the bedroom. The purpose is always to create the best possible bedroom for each person to facilitate good sleep and rest. This is an important in regaining health, especially for people suffering from stress, insomnia, fatigue, allergies, chronic illness or compromised immune systems.


Focus on Positive Support for Sleep

We want to activate positive influences in the bedroom that provide good personal support and help recharge your energies. For this, we utilise any of a number of health related Feng Shui and Building Biology tools, such as optimising Feng Shui forms and energies, creating a calm electromagnetic environment – including the whole range from magnetic and static interferences to high frequency disturbances, ensuring supportive Earth energies, as well as a healthy indoor climate.

We also focus on finding the best possible location to sleep for each person.

If above factors are violated there may be increased stress affecting body and mind. Knowing where to start is essential. Once you know what is going on, you can start with the most important and take steps to improve the situation – one bedroom at a time. 

Small changes can often achieve large results. Often there are practical positive steps to a calmer healthier bedroom that facilitates health, harmony and vitality for the next day, while enjoying the conveniences of modern life.

Image Annie Sprat on unsplash.

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