Sustainable design maximises the benefits of the sun, while eliminating excess heat, and avoids harmful electro-smog.

It provides natural ventilation based on climate to ensure optimum air quality without compromising on temperature.

It also includes wiring and design to avoid electro-smog, which is generally present through many exterior or interior, sources, if not addressed in the design.

During a sustainable living consultation we ebdeaviyr to help you create a healthy and efficient building.

Principles of sustainable design

  • Passive solar design that harnesses ample sunlight and warmth in winter through right orientation.
  • Right shading and eaves to keep the summer sun out.
  • Keep the heat in with insulation and double-glazed windows.
  • Thermal mass to store winter warmth.
  • Breeze path to allow for natural cooling and ventilation
  • Efficient technology and appliances
  • Building materials that smell good and that can regulate humidity.

Adhering to these principles will guarantee a building that is thermally comfortable. It will be a healthy building as long as healthy materials are used and electro-smog is minimised.

Avoid Electro-smog in the design

Through assessing all the potential sources of electromagnetic radiation at a site, these can be avoided through correct wiring and design, and, if necessary, shielding solutions. By reducing stressful electromagnetic radiation, you will end up with a more peaceful and health supporting environment. 

Common symptoms of electro-smog are fatigue, headaches, insomnia, ringing in the ears being quite common. It also affects fertility. In general, constant electromagnetic impulses affect our immune system and symptoms tend to appear in the areas we are weakest.

Electromagnetic radiation that can be reduced are electric fields from power-lines and house wiring, and microwave radiation from mobile phone towers and wireless communication systems. Exposure to magnetic fields from power-lines and appliances can be minimised by right location of appliances and layout.

Considering electromagnetic radiation in design will provide you with a more stress-free environment where you can sleep well and really recharge. 

Feng Shui

In order for a building to be right, it needs to be in harmony with the existing subtle energies. It will need to have bedrooms in which your health and wellbeing is supported. This needs be incorporated in sustainable design.

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