Everything is perpetually changing, including the influences of Heaven and Earth that affect a building.

Everything is energy! 

Energy moves in cycles: the Sun, the Moon, Yin and Yang, 5 Elements and 9 flying stars (Feng Shui energies). All cycles interact and produce a unique set of influences for each person, place and building. 


The Chinese lunar year begins on a different date each year. Every year, it brings the energy of one of the 12 animal signs, as well as dominance of Yin or Yang and certain Feng Shui elements. 

2019, the lunar year starts February 5. It is the Yin Earth year of the Pig. The Pig has a lovely disposition. It is gentle, friendly, kind and honest. It is at home in Winter and belongs to the Water element. It is also concerned with finance and money. Globally,  it is favourable for communication, but can also bring clashes with the also present Fire energy. Overall, it should be a dynamic, not free from conflict, yet productive year. It’s influences on individual people vary, based on their astrological chart.


In Feng Shui, we work with the Chinese solar year. It tracks the magnetic and energetic cycles active on the Earth. The solar year always starts February 4, the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere. Every year, a new annual energy dominates and brings different influences to the various areas of a building. 2019 is ruled by the current wealth star, the #8 energy.

Please note that good Feng Shui is primarily achieved by optimising a building’s unique energies, not from annual influences. Annuals are more like the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.


The purpose of an annual Feng Shui update is to protect against annual energies triggering negative health or wealth effect, and secondly to boost positive influences in a building. 

Know your Building’s Energies

Annual energies never act in isolation. They need to be understood within the context of the unique native Feng Shui energies. Flying Star energies, together with landform and design, are responsible for the feel and quality of Feng Shui of a building. Its unique energy chart gives us the different energetic potentials in its eight compass directions. It is determined by its exact facing direction and 20-year construction period (there are 144 possible energy charts). 

A building’s native energies should be optimised before focusing on annual energies. We do this in a Feng Shui consultation. If the most radiant Yang energy fills a building, a negative annual energy does not generally cause concern, but is neutralised.

However, where a building has weak areas, negative annual energies can trigger the manifestation of an associated negative event – particularly, if the person using that area has a personality potential to experience such. Information about the interpretation of the various 2019 annual energies is available in an annual update to existing clients.  


The most important Feng Shui cure, for almost anything, is activating the dominant Yang, the wealth energy. 

The current (until 2023) wealth energy is the Yang #8. It is the universal healer that is able to eliminate the effects from potentially negative energies, including annuals, if it fills the affected area. The direction from which the Yang #8 enters is different for each building and depends on its native energy chart. If you know where this is located:

  • Keep the building open, active and uncluttered in this directions, walk in and out of the area frequently;
  • Place gently moving water in that direction – with lots of volume and surface, ideally reflecting the image of the sky into the space.
  • Give it lots of FIRE tones.

Please note, the Yang #8 is not in the same direction for each building. If there are any negative effects remove the cures.


Annual Feng Shui 2019

Existing clients, please contact me and I will send you the general 2019 annual recommendations free of charge. 

A word of caution: some annual recommendations, such as the use of FIRE, WOOD and EARTH elements should be applied only with knowledge of the native chart of the building, as these elements can aggravate some native Feng Shui energies. For example, only apply FIRE in a direction where it is not prohibited by the general Feng Shui recommendations. 

Very best wishes for 2019,

Brigitte Seum, Soulspace

Photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash