One of the things we can do with Feng Shui, is to match people to buildings and to select compatible bedrooms.

We can identify the rooms and spaces where each individual feels at home, is most comfortable and where their energy is supported.

Sleeping in a room that is incompatible can be unsettling – one cannot fully recharge. Incompatibility with a building can manifest in a restlessness, an urge to continually change the house around – the colours, the placement, the furniture -, without getting it ever quite right. 


For good compatibility and to feel at home, there needs to be a harmonic resonance between a person and their bedroom or building.

We work this out via a person’s Ming Gua – an energy associated with their birth year and gender.  The Ming Gua is a guiding energy that brings particular tendencies to people of a particular birth-year. 

We can get reality on Ming Gua tendencies when observing cohorts of kids of the same age in schools. Many parents and teachers are aware of the different flavour of each year group. One year may be ‘nerdy,’ another ‘arty,’ another ‘rowdy,’ in another they are ’constantly talking’. 

Here are the main characteristics of the various Guas:

1 – sensitive, feel things deeply, inspiration

2 – nurturing, stable, conserving, resourceful

3 – active, competitive, ambitious

4 – creative, romantic, artistic

6 – determination, dedication, fairness

7 – perpetual talking, joy, competitive

8 – gentle, steadfast, steady progress

9 – can light up everything, makes things happen, benevolence


To work out compatibility of a bedroom or building, we make sure a person’s Ming Gua is not hurt or controlled.

On average, each Gua is hurt in about 1/8 of compass directions. A person should not sleep in such locations. In the positive, there are directions that are particularly supportive and comfortable for each particular Gua.  Where the comfortable and incompatible locations are is building specific. It depends on its individual energy chart.

It is always best when the whole building is compatible with a person. This is however often not achievable for a whole family. In any case, we can select bedrooms where a person’s Gua is not hurt and ideally supported – while ensuring that the bedroom energies are generally positive.

If you would like to know your Ming Gua, here is how to calculate it:

  1. Establish your birth-year as per the Chinese solar calendar. Use the year of your birth, or if you were born before Feb 5, use the previous year. For example a person born Feb 27, 1986, the year is 1986; for a person born January 27 1986, the year is 1985.
  2. Add all the digits of the birth year and repeat this, until you get a number smaller than 11. For 1985, this is 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5
  3. – For a malesubtract that number from 11 (5 becomes 2). In our example of 1985: 11-5 = 6, Ming Gua is 6.

– For a femaleadd 4 to that number (5 becomes 8). In our example, 5+4=9, Ming Gua is 9

[image by Annie Sprat on unsplash]