How to get a Feng Shui building when you can’t afford custom design?

Why use Feng Shui in the Design Stage

With Feng Shui used in the design process, you have the opportunity to create an excellent, harmonious and radiant building. It will feel right and function well. When designing, we can influence and work with the greatest number of building factors, including layout, energy flows and room placement. Good design is unique to the block and situation.

It is right in the beginning of the planning stage that you should employ a Feng Shui expert. If you leave it to later – perhaps to only select colour schemes and furniture –  you may already have a building with fundamental weak points that cannot be reversed but only reduced.

With a Feng Shui design service, you will get a concept draft with which your designer can create a building in any style, or we can use it to find an existing building plan that comes close to the ideal. For more information, check the Feng Shui design page.

The Challenge

While getting the Feng Shui done early is certainly important, the challenge is that many people assume that they cannot afford Feng Shui building design.

When planning to build, people tend to be already overwhelmed – dealing with finance, budgets, options of builders, etc. amid the regular stresses of life. Unfortunately, Feng Shui easily becomes the extra that feels too stressful to include – and people proceed along the trodden path of house packages, crossing their fingers, hoping for the best and a happy home.

I like to challenge this assumption that ordinary people cannot get a custom design for a good price!

Big Builder or Custom Builder?

Big builders are not necessarily helpful in facilitating a more relaxed building process. They are clever at marketing and keen to sign people into a great deal ‘only available this week’. Often there are no options to do anything outside the box. Many people bow to such pressures because of the perception that there are huge price advantages in doing so.

While I cannot comment on this, I want to share some recurring feedback from my clients. One is that many have felt trapped and locked into pre-existing designs where even small change were not possible or outrageously expensive; and two, that the cost of the big builder home turned out to be more than they had calculated due to necessary but not included extras.

However, even if you are in this situation, applying Feng Shui is important. We can examine the builder’s plans and identify the better and worse options for the orientation and landform of a particular block. That is, we can avoid the really big mistakes such as a family member’s bedroom with the worst sickness energy. However, we may not be able to get everyone to sleep with the best energies for health and relationships, or we may be stuck with some detrimental design floor.

My experience is that every design can be improved, on any budget. Even a small layout change – in the location of an interior wall, doorway or dividing wall –  could make the difference between mediocre and good Feng Shui, ie. excellent bedrooms and living spaces. Unfortunately, many builders do not allow for such changes, leaving us obviously frustrated with a potentially good building shortchanged.

I give following advice after number of such experiences: I would be careful about signing up with such a builder – no matter how attractive the offer, until we have established that they can give you a good Feng Shui solution, ie good living areas and bedrooms for everyone. It is just too unsettling to go with set plans when you know how much better the Feng Shui could have been. It is an energy we don’t want to add into the process. 

Custom Builder at Same Price

There is a solution, even when finances are tight!

I have identified a smaller custom builder in Melbourne that is sympathetic to Feng Shui. I’m sure such builders can also be found elsewhere, if we ask for this service enough. The Melbourne builder claims that they are able to build for the same final price and make required custom changes and adjustments to their designs. I think that this may be a great option for people who cannot afford an architect or individual designer. I am happy to pass on their details so you can compare and check out their offers.

Bottomline is, we can create really good Feng Shui, if we can make some adjustments at the design stage. This may facilitate you to sleep in a bedroom with the most healthy energies and give you radiant harmonious living areas. We can also avoid common detrimental design features that often ruin even the best energies. In my opinion such changes are worth more than can be weighed in money.

Let me know if I can help. Please contact me for assistance, 

Brigitte Seum, 0403 366 100