Activating a building’s wealth is something most people want to achieve.

I will shed some light on what the Feng Shui wealth energy is and what it can do. 

While there are many things unexplainable from a scientific view point, traditional Feng Shui knowledge has been able to codify many phenomena which we can also feel and experience. The Feng Shui wealth energy is one of these phenomena.

Good Wealth Energy

The Feng Shui wealth energy is a subtle energy. It is the most radiant life force. It is bright and happy and can make any building good, as long as it is supported by beautiful environmental features. We generally find it active in a building that has a certain wow-factor. 

Imagine a benevolent leader, someone like the Dalai Lama, entering a room. They will make a space feel radiant and lift people within it. The radiant wealth energy affects us in a similar way, as long as it can get into the building and move around inside (I do not mean to compare the Dalai Lama with Feng Shui energies though). 

Like a powerful benevolent ruler, the wealth energy can make a space feel light and attractive. When active in a building, it supports people to move into the world and do their share to bring home good luck and wealth.

The wealth energy is the ruling Feng Shui energy during a particular time period. Currently, it is the #8 energy, which stands for steady progress and wealth. If activated, it supports and magnifies the wealth people can give and receive. Its influence however, does not stop here. It is also able to heal or reduce those negative potentials in a building it can get to. 

The wealth energy can come from any of the compass directions. Which one is determined by the building’s orientation and age (with the help of Feng Shui formulas). In a building built after 2004, it comes either from the front or back; in other buildings it can be from any direction. Activating it is a ‘must’ for any business. Generally it makes for a happy building.

Locked Wealth Energy

With buildings built before 2004, there is a 1:9 chance that the wealth energy is locked up in the centre, which means it is not available for people to use. Such buildings often lack life and things may not work out as planned financially, with either the money not coming in or through financial loss.

There are however ways to free such locked energy and re-activate the wealth, details of which are individually worked out and exceed the scope of this article.

Bad Wealth Energies

Just as there are energies supporting wealth, there are others that can be detrimental to it. If these are inadvertently activated through a main door or prominent window, such energies can agitate and affect negative wealth outcomes or Murphy’s law – things breaking down, deals that should have happened not coming through, unexpected bills, losses or other circumstances that stop people from getting on top of their wealth. With negative wealth energies activated it can be like continually pushing uphill.

While I believe that people are essentially powerful and able to overcome any bad luck to make things go right, it is much harder to do this in a place that is energetically difficult or where wealth energies negative. So why not activate positive environmental wealth energies to make life a little easier?

How to Activate Good Wealth Energies

The key to activating good wealth is to let it come inside. To do this we need to determine the direction it comes from in each building (with Feng Shui formulas). If there is a door in that direction, use it. If there is a window, open it and its curtains when appropriate. Use the area to activate it, keep it open and light. If this is not possible, ie. if the good wealth sits in a wall, there exist secondary wealth energies that can likewise be activated. 

Likewise, we deactivate negative wealth energies by not using or activating them.

Design: Ideally, exact door and window positions that allow good wealth energies to enter freely and make the space naturally radiant should be worked out in the design. If you are designing, ensure to employ expert Feng Shui in the concept stage. Further, the prominent wealth energy is activated by water, ie. pools, ponds, water features. We want to make sure these are in the right place. 

Colour: The wealth energy is strengthened by certain colours and shapes – and reduced and weakened by others. You want to give good energies supportive colours – in the form of pictures, cushions, objects, etc. and avoid weakening it. 

Likewise, negative energies can also be strengthened (made worse) or weakened by particular colours and shapes. Here we want to make sure that these negative potentials are weakened with the right colours and not agitated or made strong. 

Key to activating the wealth energy in a building is knowing its Feng Shui energies – the wealth energy may be located in any direction. Working this out is part of a Feng Shui consultation.