I love blues and greens. I often dress in them and would put them in my home.

IF I had a good place to put them! I often see my clients with the same penchant for greens and blues. You can find the most beautiful green patterns as well as green-based vintage fabrics around. And there are lots of blue quilts, sheets and bedspreads, as well as pictures dominated by blue water, waves or sky.

However, a Feng Shui fact is that blues and greens often do not go with our homes! As you probably are aware, each home has an underlying energy pattern that gives it its feel.

The effect of these existent Feng Shui energies changes every 20 years. This explains why buildings change over time – even if you kept them immaculately maintained!

In each of the 20-year periods different qualities of energies are dominant. Some energies are radiant and healthy, others destructive and heavy. 

How Blues and Greens affect the current radiant energies

The most radiant energy until 2024 is the #8 energy. This is associated with the quality of the mountain, Earth, stillness and containment. It is gentle, the energy of the loving youngest son. It brings steady consistent growth and good health and communication.

This #8 energy belongs to the EARTH element. The Earth element is in harmony with Fire (reds, pinks, orange) and Metal (white, grey, metallic)(although Metal exhausts it). Blues and greens belong to the Wood element. The radiant #8 is attacked by the WOOD element, by blues and greens, by upright long shapes, long straight roads or pathways, etc.

Wood Colours

This situation of being attacked is exasperated in many new homes by the fact that the #8 is often accompanied by a Wood energy. If this is the case, WOOD shapes and colours just make the situation worse. And although you may have great wealth and health potential from the #8, this is almost completely wiped out by the dominant Wood.

Even if there is no Wood in the native energy chart of your home, placing greens and blues, and elongated shapes, such as long decorative sticks or columns, or woody plants with the radiant #8, will reduce its influence. Its potentially great influence diminishes. 

How blues and greens affect the NEGATIVE energies in a home

In this era there exist two destructive energies. In relation to business and wealth they can bring financial sickness and disasters, in relation to health they weaken your immune system and cause sickness and personal decline in the long run. The interesting thing is that both these energies also belong to the EARTH element. That means that they are attacked by the Wood element. You might think this to be a good idea. Good thinking, but unfortunately this does not hold true.

These negative Earth energies are powerful and the amount of Wood you bring into a room with these some blue and green is no match for them. Greens and blues, in this case, become an irritation. It is like an angry person being teased. This does not constitute an effective attack!

What happens to the angry person in that situation? You guessed: he gets angrier! His destructive power comes out even more. You don’t want to be around this.

The same is true for WOOD colours in the presence of these negative energies. If you irritate them with blues and greens, or long straight or upright shapes, you will inflame their negative potential.Definitely not recommended! 

The probability that blues and greens do more harm than good

Altogether, there are 9 types of energies. 2 of these naturally belong to the Wood element. There are 3 Earth energies, as discussed above, that really don’t like the greens and blues. There are 2 Metal energies that also don’t go with Wood, and 1 Water and 1 Fire energy that are both in harmony with it. These areas go well with blue and green décor.

In the energy pattern of a home, each area is energetically already under the major influence of two types of energies, which means that even if there is a Water, Wood or Fire energy that likes the blues or greens, this likely could energetically associated with one of the other energies that react negatively with blues and greens.

Practically, this means that in the current 20 year period, in most homes there is only 1/8  (sometimes ¼) that is compatible with Wood décor. Unless you know the energy chart of your home, you won’t know where that is.

Earth Colours

That means be careful with the blues and greens. If it does not feel better after placing them they should probably not be there.  There are some areas that will thrive with them, but you really do not want to diminish the potential of the most radiant wealth or health energy, or agitate the negatives, by putting them in a wrong place.

The energy distribution is individual for each home and based on its exact compass orientation, age and layout. We work this out during a Feng Shui consultation. With that we can work out right placement and colour that makes a place feel right and is comfortable. Let me know if you need help with this. 

Photo by Oana Hordinau on unsplash.com