How to work with Yang energy, life force, in buildings.

Yang energy is active. It is what we use in activity, business and making money – and for that reason, it is referred to as the wealth energy. It is the life force of a space. 

Yang energy travels. It enters through windows and doors, and you carry it with you as you enter and move through a building. 

In each of the eight compass directions, a building has a different type of Yang energy. Where each type of Yang is located, is unique to each building. It is controlled by its exact compass direction and building age.

The different types of Yang energy

In the current time period, the #8 Yang energy is the most radiant. It is THE Wealth Energy until 2024. It is gentle and lovely. The next best one is the #9. This is ‘out there’, louder and has to do with image. Then there are a range of others that are more neutral – each with different qualities and flavours.

Then we have a couple of culprits we need to watch out for. The #2 can bring financial sickness and the #5 general financial disasters.

The good news about negative Yang is, that as long as we don’t have an opening in the direction it comes from, it won’t come in and won’t affect you. 

And the good news about positive Yang is, that as long as you can create an opening for it to come in, it will have the effect of filling your space with radiance and positive life force.

The effect of negative Yang

Here is an example what negative Yang can do. When I was just learning about these energies and ‘did my house’ I found that I had the negative #5 at my front door – yikes! Further, that front door led straight into the lounge. It was open most of the time, with kids running in and out.

The effect this had was constant irritation. I became very annoyed by the activity in that area, and the home was filled with negative agitation. Needless to say, we stopped using the door, turned it into a ‘wall’ and came around the back. From that point on, the lounge was lovely and peaceful. It was no longer affected by the negative Yang.

Another effect of this situation are financial difficulties.

How to optimise Yang energies

If you have a window in the direction of negative Yang, don’t open it – open the windows in other areas. Cover it with a sheer curtain or blind during the day, and a solid curtain or blind at night. This will keep most of the negative energy out and make a big difference.

Likewise, you may be lucky and have positive Wealth energy at one of your doors. By using this door you will bring more of that in and distribute it throughout the house.

However, many of us are not that lucky, but may have a window in the direction of great Yang. This is the one to keep open and uncovered. You also keep the door of that room open, so this energy can travel throughout the house. This is also where you place a water feature.

You can work with the Yang energies, if you know where each of them is located. Then you know where to create openness or containment, and can make the best of the potential of your space. This is alone makes up 80% of good Feng Shui. 

We determine the energy pattern of a building during a consultation and help optimise the energy flows, so that positive Yang can fill the space. If you are not in Melbourne, we can, in most cases, even do this remotely. Contact me for further information.