How to enhance Feng Shui elements with Christmas decorations.

You can choose your Chrismas decorations to enhance different Feng Shui elements. It is really about their shape and colour.

If you had a Feng Shui consultation you will know which elements are needed in each room of your house. Colours and shapes required depend on the individual Feng Shui energies present in an area.

Christmas – Feng Shui elements

Different shapes and colours belong to different Feng Shui elements. 

Know the Feng Shui energies in your home

To use above information effectively, is is best to know the energy map of your building – or you could inadvertently be activating negative energies, especially when using FIRE and WOOD elements.

The placement of elements is not based on the Bagua map many people are familiar with. The Bagua map only represents the Earth influences, which are the same for every building. As an analogy, Earth energies are only the plate food is served on, which may make the experience of eating more beautiful, but it cannot make bad food good.

What is important – the food – are the dynamic Feng Shui energies that affect each room. They are the Heavenly forces affecting a building. During a Feng Shui analysis, we work out its unique Yin and Yang energies and from that determine which Feng Shui elements are needed to enhance the positive and reduce the negative influences in each room.

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