A good bedroom supports relaxation, health and wellbeing – it provides good Yin support (nourishing energies).

With a good night’s sleep you can recharge and regenerate, and maintain high level functioning during the day. A health-supporting bedroom is also important for fertility and pregnancy.

The bedroom is probably the most compromised space in our modern world. People often assume they sleep OK, but when asked about their energy level upon waking, this is commonly only around 2-5 (out of 10) for many. Feeling tired on waking is a sign that you are not recuperating your Yin energies and ‘burning out’.

There are of course many reasons for this (from emotional, to dietary, to medical, to environmental), but the bedroom may also contribute to this. It plays an important role in helping you recharge and maintain health. Here are the three most important factors of a healthy bedroom:

Absence of Harmful Earth Energies – Avoiding the ‘Cancer Home’

100 years ago, it was harmful Earth energies that were known to cause buildings have a succession of cancer cases or people with other debilitating diseases. Harmful energies crisscross the surface of the Earth and are caused by underground water-courses and other geological disturbances. They can be detected through dowsing and their effect on people can be measured through biofeedback instruments or kinesiology.

Ideally, we should avoid negative Earth lines, but that can be difficult in urban settings. Earth acupuncture and other remedies help diffuse such energies, but as Earth lines can move, remedies may not be permanent and need adjusting. I am exploring some new systems that work on modulating such energies to make them life compatible, and have had some promising results – I will keep you informed.

Absence of Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Medical researcher S Milham showed that the rise of cancer, diabetes and heart disease paralleled the initial rollout of electricity. Since the more recent inundation of our world with wireless radiation, there has been a further rise in such civilisation disease.

Manmade electromagnetic radiation is 1000s of times more powerful than the electric body impulses responsible for cell functioning. Electro-smog is a constant stress factor – like trying to sleep with lights flashing and static noises surrounding us. It can prevent us from fully relaxing or entering a nourishing Yin-state.

We should aim to minimise electromagnetic exposure. Steps to take include switching the wifi and smart TV off (at the socket) at night, putting the tablet and phone on airplane-mode; shielding from a smart meter if it is on a bedroom wall, keeping distance from appliances and wiring, etc. There are a lot of possible sources and you may want to have them investigated and minimised. 

However, in reality, we can no longer escape the electromagnetic soup – just check how many full-powered wifi networks you can pick up. I am looking into solutions that seek to modulate harmful into life-compatible frequencies – alleviating the stress response in people. I have been able to ride public transport (filled with high mobile radiation) without ill effect – where previously I would get ringing ears and enter a ‘fight and flight’ stress response with such devices. Please contact me if you want to find out more.

Absence of Negative Feng Shui Energies

Not all Feng Shui energies are equal! With advanced Feng Shui formulas, we find out where health-supporting and where health-compromising energies are located within a home. Locations are individual to each building (they are not the often generalised annual energies).

There are some beautifully supportive Yin energies that we ideally utilise for the bedrooms, allowing us to feel nurtured and relaxed, and able to enter a sweet slumber when sinking into the pillows. 

However, there are also two (out of 9) Yin energies that tend to compromise health, fertility and wellbeing, and that can wear us down in the long-run. Ideally, we should not have these energies in a bedroom. While remediation can go some way to reduce their negative impact, they will never turn it into a vibrantly health-supporting space.

Ideally the best locations for bedrooms is determined in the design, but even in existing places I have been able to remediate chronic ill health through moving the bed onto another wall or area (not subject to this negative energy).


Many people nowadays are running their lives in a ‘fight and flight’ stress mode. This is not sustainable in the long-run. Part of the solution is to protect the Yin potential in the different ways described above – especially in the bedroom so this can fully nurture you. 

When house hunting, I always check for these three factors. With these in place, making a home harmonious is easy. I also perform these checks during a design and improvement consultations.

Image j kroesbergen-kamps on unsplash.com