Are there more bad bedrooms nowadays? Increasingly, there are more people not sleeping well, many are stressed and burnt out.

Traditional Feng Shui has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. It includes effective tools to help us create bedrooms that support health and sleep with recommendations individual for each building. 

But what has happened to the good bedrooms? Increasingly, there are more people not sleeping well, many are stressed and burnt out – even in good Feng Shui bedrooms. Certainly, traditional Feng Shui has not stopped working. So, why are many good bedrooms no longer as effective?


Sha Qi = energy destructive to life

Feng Shui works with the subtle energies of nature. Subtle Feng Shui energies can get overpowered by strong negative influences, just like the gentle forces involved in opening a delicate blossom.

Over the last decade, the new negative influence is high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. It is everywhere, in frequencies and power levels not compatible with life – from mobile phones and towers, cordless phones, tablets, wifi routers, baby monitors, smart appliances, security cameras and alarms, etc. Against all assurances, their safety has not been established and association with ill effects clearly shown.

How can we receive the subtle harmonious Feng Shui energies when we are surrounded by loud discordant electromagnetic noise? It is hard to sleep well or wake up refreshed when electromagnetic Sha is continually jarring our nervous system. Is this the cause of the increasing number of frazzled, tired and stressed people?


In Building Biology we aim to reduce electromagnetic Sha and create relative radiation-free bedrooms.

However, often this is no longer possible. Life-compromising electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Trying to eliminate this has become a battle hard to win. Just look at how many wifi networks show up on your phone, the smart technologies that can no longer be turned off, as well as our genuine need to use and enjoy available technology.

It is certainly recommended to reduce exposure. In the end, however, it is not possible to create healthy spaces by ‘fighting’ the bad. Even with radiation reducing chips on a phone, for example, its radiation is often still in the harmful range – just as thumping loud music from a neighbour may still be too loud and irritating if you wear earplugs. 

Now, this can be overwhelming and depressing. However, it is also an opportunity to find solutions on a different level. I firmly believe that for every challenge there must exist a solution with which we can overcome adversity and support life


Shen Qi = life supporting energy

I am one of those ‘lucky’ people who are electro-sensitive and know when my health is affected. I have also gained confidence in discerning what reduces and what supports life. I can now recommend a number of solutions that not just neutralise the ill effects of electro-smog, but apparently turn it into positive energies:

One is the Floww EMF Protection system, which utilises negative EMR as power input and transforms it into life-supporting, bio-compatible frequencies. These make people stronger through a positive feedback effect on body and mind.

The Floww personal devices are to be carried with you, to school, the office or on the train (where radiation is generally high). If find I can ride the commuter train – which is full of wifi from people on their devices, without the normal ill effects with the personal Floww in my pocket. 

The whole building Floww generates bio-compatible fields throughout a home or workspace, which apart from high-frequency also handles electro-smog from electrical power. Floww has been demonstrated to strengthen immune response, enabling affected people to live (better) in our modern environments.

In my experience, once the negative effects of EMR are neutralised, we can then again benefit from the great power of Feng Shui to bring the subtle radiant energies into a building and create healthy bedrooms.

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