Sometimes an area of your home does not feel right, despite having tried changing it around.

There are two reasons why some areas of a home might not feel right. 

One is that there may be some obvious physical feature that creates a problem. This could be living on a very noisy road, at the end of a busy oncoming T-intersection, having a pole right in front of your sitting room, a lounge at the end of a long corridor… We have looked at many of these scenarios before, but won’t go into them today.

The other scenario is not as obvious. You might have home that looks beautiful, but no matter what you do, it just doesn’t feel right. You might feel unsettled or irritated in an area, you can’t think properly, or are regularly getting into arguments with family in a particular space of your home.

Or you may have not slept well since moving into a new home, or even gotten sick.

The second type of scenarios are not caused by physical features, but by the energies present in the various areas of your home – and their interaction with your interior design, furniture placement and décor.

Now, the best thing to do if you find yourself in such a situation you can’t quite resolve would be to find out what is going on with a Feng Shui analysis. This would help identify how to enhance your home’s best potential and reduce any negative Feng Shui influences.

What causes a heavy feel in a home?

However, this is not an option for everyone, so here are some general tips of what you could do to help this situation.

If the cause of the trouble is the existing energies in a room of your home, there are some principles that may help reduce their effect. 

There are only two energies that have a consistently negative effect on people living with them. Both of these belong to the EARTH element. Nothing wrong with the Earth element, it just happens that these two culprits have an Earth quality.

If we assume that one of these two energies are the problem, then there are a few things in your colours and décor that can irritate these energies or make them more powerful.

What to avoid if you suspect these energies present

Any object or colour scheme that belongs to the WOOD element, i.e. long straight lines, poles and green/ blue colour schemes irritate the negative Earth energies – they ‘attack’ them. However this attack not being strong enough, it ends up being an irritation that backfires and increases the negative potential. In this case you would tend to experience irritation in that particular space.  – So, avoid Wood features and colours, if you suspect there to be negative energy.

FIRE tones – reds, pinks, orange and purple – used with these negative energies, will energise their negative potential. While you may have had the idea that Fire would brighten up the dullness you experience in an area, it in fact would make matters worse if these negative Earth energies are present. They become stronger with Fire, more vicious and destructive. So, avoid Fire tones as well if you suspect negative energies present. The same, to a slightly lesser extend, is true for EARTH colours – your yellows and brown tones.

What you should do with negative energies present

The colours and décor you should use in case you suspect negative energies in an area of your home are those belonging to the METAL element, i.e. whites, very neutral tones and anything metallic and round – very crisp, clean spaces. The Metal element drains the negative Earth potential and makes it less powerful.

However, even with these improved colour schemes, it is not recommended to sleep with these negative energies. If things don’t improve much it is probably worth your whilefinding out what is going onand what alternatives you may have in utilising the best potential of your home.

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Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash