While every home is individual, there are generations of homes that carry certain tendencies and themes.

In each of them it is more likely that certain events will occur. We’ll be looking at how different period homes can affect your relationships.

In Feng Shui we are dealing with 20 year periods. A home’s energy is, among other things, determined by its construction period. Homes built in one 20 year period have certain things in common – homes from another period have entirely different themes. 

Marriage attacked in homes built 1964-83

Many homes built between 1964 and ’83 carry an energy combination in which the ‘mother’ energy is ‘harassing’ a gentler male energy in the house. This is known as the ‘divorce combination’. 

Half of homes built in that time have this combination in some part of the home – which was when divorce became acceptable and widespread. 

I have witnessed many instances where this combination in the bedroom or at the front door was associated with relationship troubles and break-ups. This potential can also get activated if it is in any room that the couple uses a lot, such as the dining room. 

The solution is to know where this combination is. You then can either move things around to avoid it, or at least minimise it with the right colour scheme and elements. Reds, blues, yellows, browns and greens activate this negative combination. White and metallic tones reduce it.

Children hurt in homes built 1964-83

Many homes from this era also carry a theme of ‘children getting hurt’ – maybe the other side of the same coin. If that combination occurs in a child’s bedroom they tend to get sick or have trouble. 

However, this combination is easily handled and the room can easily be turned into an auspicious bedroom. It just needs lots and lots of FIRE tones. These will reduce the attacking energy and support the very gentle and nurturing energy for the child. 

But make sure you know where such energy is. Some energies will get worse with lots of red tones!

Inappropriate romance in homes built 1984-2004

Continuing with relationship issues in a slightly different way: half the homes built between 1984 and 2003 carry the theme of ‘inappropriate romance’. It is a flirtatious energy that can get you romantic attention, but does not generally lead to long term relationships.

It is particularly problematic for married people as it attracts flirtation and romance outside the relationship, affairs with married men – and sex scandals in the extreme. This was Bill Clinton’s time!

Again, this energy combination will influence you if it is at the front door or in the bedroom, or any other prominent room. It can be avoided if you know where it is and reduced by the use of the FIRE element.

Arguments in homes built 1984-2004

There is another energy combination in about half the homes from this era. It is where the ‘up and coming male’ attacks the ‘mother’ energy. It is associated with arguments and even lawsuit, and on a personal level there can be sickness – the result of the attacks. 

This energy needs METAL tones together with a tiny bit of FIRE to make it more harmonious.

Homes built after 2004 or before 1964

Most of the energies described above can occur in any period home. I have picked above eras because this is when negative relationship combinations were prevalent. 

In homes built today, there is no particular relationships theme that stands out. The current relationship energy is very lovely and gentle. It facilitates great communication and relationships. 

In new homes this is either at the front or the back. If you can harness this for your bedroom or with a lounge or a daybed, you will create very good support for your health and relationships. 

However, the other energies are still present somewhere. Knowing where they are can help you avoid these. 

If you would like to find out the energy combinations of your home, how to tap into its best potentials –and avoid the pitfalls, you need to have an individual analysis of your home. Let me know if you’d like help with this.