As a lot of new homes are going up, I think this is an opportune time to show how Feng Shui in design can make a huge difference.

The difference between a home where you’d feel great and that would support your health and wellbeing, and a home where you’d be uncomfortable and likely to get sick in the long run.

The difference lies in the underlying energies in a home. In Feng Shui we are working with these energies, and how these interact with the design elements and people there.

These energies are determined by the compass orientation of a place and the time period, in which it was built. They are set, and the best thing we can do is work with them rather than against! 

A Design Example

Here is a simplified example of the qualities of Yin energies affecting a building – (it is an example only, each home is different). We will look at the Yin energies here, as they support you, your health and wellbeing, and for that reason are most important in a home.

The dark green areas, in this example, have very good Yin, and would be the most desirable areas to have your bedroom. The light green ones are OK, given that we decorate them right and place persons in them that are compatible with the relevant energies.

The red areas have very negative Yin. This is where you’d compromise your immune system if you’d slept there. You most likely would not to sleep well there. I have seen many people get sick with such energies in the long run – and have seen them get better after moving the bed out of such an area!

Our main objective is to avoid the negative areas and utilise the great Yin energies as much as possible. In a bedroom it is the energy in the wall behind your head that influences you while you sleep there for many hours every night. 

A Bad Home

Let’s say if you have chosen your design layout for a four-bedroom home. Depending on how the energies are distributed, you could end up having placed some of the bedrooms with negative Yin). This is one of the most serious issues in a home and affects longterm health and wellbeing.

The good news is that you can fix such potential trouble very easily in the design stage. Even if you were restricted to a particular house plan. Even flipping a plan can in some cases be a very good solution. 

A Good Home

The main objective is to make all bedrooms relatively positive. Creating an ideal bedroom is about identifying where the positive Yin energies are located and adjusting the layout or sometimes just the door position to ensure the bed is supported.

As you can see, it is important to appy Feng Shui in the design. I am available for design consultations in Melbourne, and remote design consultations around the world. Let me know if I can help.

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