Even more so than colour, except perhaps for red, shapes have a strong influence on the feel of a place.

The best Feng Shui results are achieved by activating the positive energies (and blocking the negative ones) of a space and giving each its right shapes and colours. 

Each shape activates different qualities. You can use these to create a particular ambience.

EARTH – squares, cubes & rectangles

The EARTH energy is the most stable. The EARTH element is conservative, nurturing and sustaining. It is quiet, peaceful, Yin, the energy of the archetype of the ‘mother’.

Most of us live in rectangular rooms and the basic shape for most houses is the rectangle. That makes them nurturing, supporting and comfortable. Rectangular bedside tables are also beneficial for this reason.

Accountant’s desks tend to be rectangular and solid and with that give a sense of stability.

METAL – circles, ovals & spheres

The METAL energy is dynamic and implies movement and activity. It is Yang, the archetype of the father or leader, authority and decision.

You will find that round shaped buildings tend to be more ‘unstable’ in that people don’t tend to stay in them very long. There is more movement. They are good for hotels, fast food restaurants…

Round dining and board room tables invite more activity and discussion than rectangular ones.

WATER – wavy lines & wavy shapes

WATER stands for wisdom and love and is gentle & forgiving; like a meandering stream.

Wavy pathways and roads are pleasant and gentle, so are wavy patterns on carpets or fabric.  

WOOD – long and narrow shape

The WOOD element represents spring, the up-and-coming male energy. It is focused, nd able to break through obstacles. It can be aggressive.

This is why we avoid long narrow hallways, or why you don’t want to be located at the end of a straight oncoming road. A bunch of decorative bamboo sticks represent this energy, which may not really be what you were intending to create.

FIRE – triangles (and red tones)

FIRE is dynamic. It stands for ‘fame’ and image – even more so when used with red tones. It is ‘radiating’ in all directions and attractive. The triangular shape can be aggressive if you are positioned in front of one of its corners. 

We tend to use it in the pattern of material and pictures. It lifts the energy.

The quality of energy in each area of your home or office

Above are the general qualities of shapes. These interact with the existent energies in your home. For example, the most radiant and wealth energy belongs to the EARTH element. This may be located anywhere in your building. This energy loves the FIRE and EARTH elements, but gets irritated by WOOD, and weakened by METAL. 

A prominent and positive FIRE energy gets drained by EARTH and agitated by METAL …. and so it goes. 

That’s why it is important to know what the particular types of energies in each section of a house are. We work these out in a Feng Shui consultation, on site or remotely

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on unsplash.com